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Mission Statement - Our Objectives + Prelimary Regional Objectives

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Basicly, I haven't even seen one on the net recently.

I saw the campaign map last night PDF downloadable on the US GW Website under Nemesis Crown Pre-Campaign area if I remember correctly, would post link but the site is blocked on work computer  :icon_eek:

If nobody posts it in the next few hours i will post the link.

Are these objectives fairly final? Or are we willing to shift them for diplomatic reasons?

Dendo Star:
Well, if something like "Settra marches on Altdorf" or "Grimgor raids Nuln" comes up, we will change accordingly.

God help Settra should that moron decide to really make a go for the Imperial Vaults. 

Speaking of which, anyone have any common Tomb King opponents?  I hope we can whoop his boney behind big in the campaign posts.

I've got one right here. Let me jsut tell you, he's gonna take a beating. :biggriin:


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