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This is a dumb question, and one I haven’t thought about enough – due to my Dwarfiness. How do the rules dictate a player roll for spells? If my opponent has (1) Level 4 Light Wizard and (2) Level 1 Light Wizards in their army, and assuming their goal is to get the Level 4 to have “Banishment” (#5 spell of the Lore), what is the best way to roll?
I seem to remember my opponents rolling for (say, example) their 2 Level 1 Casters at the same time. Is that 100% wrong? It seems like it gives that player an unfair advantage, inasmuch that if they rolled x2 5’s, they could abuse the duplicate rule.
Whereas, if they do it the “Right” way (or, the way I just now realized is the right way) they should roll for just the first Level 1. If he got a 5, they would sub down to the signature spell 0 to keep the 5 open for their Level 4’s roll.
By my count, the opponent would succeed at having just 4 spells open, including #5 69.44% of the time.
27.78% of the time, they would partially succeed and have 5 spells open.
2.78% of the time, they would suck out and roll a 5 followed by a 5 and thus leave all 6 spells open when the Level 4 has to roll.

Conversely, if you allowed your opponent to roll 2 dice at once, say… “The Blue D6 is this guy and the Yellow D6 is this guy” it drastically changes these #s. if both of these guys rolled 1’s, they could abuse the duplicate rule.
That would increase their % at having just 4 spells open to 72.22%, while also allowing them much higher % odds at getting the “Right” spells to their respective casters.

Am I just really really dumb for letting people do this to me?

Fidelis von Sigmaringen:

Another FAQ. Page 36 of the AM covers Warrior Priests and Arch Lectors.  Many of the special rules say "Warrior Priests..."  Do these apply to both? i.e. Does and Arch Lector get the "Divine Power" rule, and the "Righteous Fury" rule, in addition to "Battle Prayers"?  I only ask because the AB write up and rules never mentions Arch Lector by name.

Fidelis von Sigmaringen:
Yes, they do, as AL are WP.  You will find that those special rules are listed in the Army List Entry for the Arch lector on page 87 of the Army Book.   

That's what we thought, thanks as always Fidelis!


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