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 :happy: Mercenaries of the Empire! New Recruits are needed!
Hired swords, bandits, adventurers, and freebooters, Paymaster is waiting for your application.

A new Dogs of War forum is active on

P.S.: I posted this link because I saw other forum's links above. If moderators think this is inappropriate post, I apologize and feel free to delete.

The vampire aristocrats have been forgotten I see. They are currently hiding at

So that I think should be added. :)

I don't think blood keep sees much activity anymore.


--- Quote from: Boo on June 13, 2008, 05:11:47 AM ---I don't think blood keep sees much activity anymore.

--- End quote ---

I know what you mean, that place is just full of dead people...


By the way, your nickname is quite fitting for an undead forum.

You think? ;)

Hehehe... lets just say that my Count likes the "red wine" a lot.  ::heretic::

Darrwood: Lizardmen


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