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Updating the awesome list by McKnight.
He seems a bit under the radar as of late and I thought this thread could use an update. Also checked and added sites from the comments.
Maybe the Imperial Office isn't the right place for this? I Know I am always looking for this in the wrong places..

Warhammer dedicated army forums: - The Empire (ofcourse!) - The Round Table of Bretonnia - Dwarfs - Slayer Dwarfs / Fyreslayers - Lizardmen / Seraphon - High Elves - Wood Elves - Dark Elves - Chaos Daemons - Warriors of Chaos - Chaos Beastmen - Skaven - Ogres - Gnoblars (Last post September 2015) - Orcs & Goblins (Da Warpath forum, website it self seems down) - Orcs & Goblins - Vampire Counts (Carpe Noctum) - Vampire Counts (last post October 28th 2015) - Tomb Kings - Chaos Dwarfs - Dogs of War

Community websites (general warhammer): - Warhammer Community, primært UK baseret (Last post January 2015) - Warhammer Community site, being reengineered and contains a list with all the sites. (Seems outdated..) - Warhammer Community site, containing fiction - News and Rumours (Currently gone, not sure if and when back up) - A Texas specific gaming forum for WHFB, Armies of Arcana, War Machine, RPGs, Specialist Games, etc... (Not sure how active this still is, requires registration) - Yahoo group for all those army lists that GW doesn't support anymore. - Battlerporter - Warhammer Encyclopedia

Other game systems: - Mordheim

Old, & no longer available websites: - High Elves (N/A) - Lizardmen (Old)
-- Lizardmen (redirect from link above N/A) - Wood Elves (Old)
-- Wood Elves(redirect from link above N/A) - Wood Elves (Old) - Malkorax - Tower of Chaos (N/A) - Greenskins/Orcs and Goblins (website seems N/A) - Warhammer Online Forum (N/A) - Warhammer Community site (N/A) - Warhammer Community site (Old, last post from 2011) - a highly dedicated inquisition forum (N/A) - general Warhammer, 40K site. (N/A)


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