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Napoleonic Wars Update


Nicholas Bies:

I didn't want to be a necromancer and bring up an old thread so thought I'd start a new one.

Cisse from W-E fame has recently joined the game on the side of the French- a solid team IMHO, not as good as Russia because well...I'm in Russia.

War is breaking out across Europe. It has not spread to Italy however France and Britain and allied and are at war with Austria and Prussia. Britain being Britain (insert pugnacious pricks) have DOWed Russia who then captured two British Frigates that were "scouting" Russian ports.

So now is the time to join!

Castazor and Cisse also played in a Cadet Game (small training game). Cisse was on my team while Castazor was against us  :icon_evil:

Cisse and I lost- NOT due to our fault I may add.

Eitherway the home page is here. It's a fun game with about 70 players active at this moment and you're bound to find some part of it interesting.


I will join the fray then. I didn't have any time to join last week as I was in Prague but I will sign up right now.



Fandir Nightshade:
I try to join but I donīt find where...I got to join the Prussians :D

Nicholas Bies:

it was on the top menue of the home page "joining the game"


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