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Historicon anyone?



Anyone else going to be at Historicon or in the area?

July 24-27 in Lancaster PA.

I'll be there and wouldn't mind getting some WFB games in, maybe do something tying in with the campaign. Legendary battle sounds good if I could get a few people to show. Tables shouldn't be a problem, there's usually some open gaming space.

While I'm at it, anyone else play WAB? Preferably something late medieval-ish. My plan is to play in the tournament if I can finish painting my Burgundians, but I'd be up for friendly games as well. (And, of course, they can perform double duty in the Empire army...)

I've always wanted to go, but I've never gotten around to it. Maybe if I start planning now I can make it this year.

If I do go, I'll be sure to bring my Empire/French Ordonnance. Early Rennaisance figures are some of the hardest working in all of wargaming - mine do duty in 3 games (WFB, WAB, DBR) and I can use them for multiple armies within those systems.


That's what I try to do as well, though I've got enough GW figures to run an Empire army in "GW-only" events. But otherwise, I've been using the Burgundians as Empire, and have enough figures based on multi-bases to use them in DBA games as well.

No one else is going or happens to live in the area and interested in a WFB game?

Albrecht Hexenjaeger:
I live in Philadelphia and have always meant to go to some of the big in-state cons, but I work in the restaurant biz. Not only are weekends my bread and butter, but they're also hard to take off. At least I know when it is though, so maybe, especially if I can drag my buddies along. Thanks for the heads up!


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