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Nicholas Bies:

Well having finished my fantasy tournament I'm gearing towards a 40k on in September so I bought the Daemon 40k Codex and a box of Bloodletters and Deamonettes this arvo. I know they're going to be popular but I really like the models so bite me.

I was wondering if there were any decent 40k forums with a similar feeling to this one, you know the easy comraderie, the crazed posters who develop identites of their own etc. Because I'd love to talk about 40k as I'm getting back into it and army lists but don't feel here is the proper place.


-The Bolter and the Chainsword


Nicholas Bies:

What if I want to talk about Daemons?

Sounds spacemarine and orkish to me, would they be cool with me going "Bloodletters bla bla bla..."


Daemons are so new that I think there can't be so many boards concerning demons alone.  Bolter and Chainsword has several forums for chaos gamers.  Surely they have discussed about daemons now.  For Dakka I'm not sure but if already not, sure they will.  They dicuse all 40K aspects and armies


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