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Brennenburg: The development of an Imperial town

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“Ah, welcome, welcome!  I trust your travels have seen you well, hmm? 

I know you have heard many things of Wissenland…well, no, probably not,” began a rather thin elderly man.  “Ours is a province seldom spoken of.  We have long been abandoned by the Countess. She has not been the first and undoubtedly, she won’t be the last to do so.  Seldom are we given credit for anything but the fall of Solland,” he spat on the ground after saying this.  The shame of that time still lingered in the land, especially here.

“Our people are hardy though.  We need to be in order to survive,” he waved his hand gesturing you to follow.  “We rarely get help from Reikland or Averland…or Sigmar forbid Nuln!  They’re all too concerned with their dances and fancy living to worry about us,” again he spat.  “Bah, forget the lot.  We can handle the roving bands of goblins just fine,” shaking his head while looking at the muddy ground the man sighed as if he were in pain.

Looking up after a moment he began to stroke his long grey beard, then again gesturing for you to follow while stretching out his open arm towards the town.  With pride in his voice he proclaimed, “This is Brennenburg!”

You look up to see rather large walls, about fifteen, or so feet and the old man immediately picks up on your inquisitive eyes.

“Eighteen feet tall, four feet thick,” the man says as he begins to hobble down the road.  “Dwarfen construction, sturdy as you’ll ever find.  Took from 2075 to 2086 to complete it, by that time some of the Dwarfs settled down here and called her home,” the old man smiled.

“Oh, I have not properly introduced myself!  My apologies.  I am Jorg Becker,” he bowed slightly.  “At your service.  I hope you enjoy your stay with us.  Now let’s enter the town.”


This is my attempt to compile, in one place, the majority of my work with the town I have created.  Hopefully this will provide some inspiration for others, as well as myself.  For a little while now, my creativity within the hobby has dried up and I hope this will rekindle the drive I had.  I think I owe it to those few who actually keep up with my ramblings to finish up some stuff I should've already finished.

The Reason

When I first started, I decided I wanted a detailed backdrop for my army and wanted a town where the majority of my troops could call home.  My first thought was Pfeildorf, and I quickly found (at the time) little information about the town.  This was a problem as I would still have to create the story.  I didn't really want to have anything happen down the line where all of my efforts could be erased with a new publication.

To some this isn't a problem, but I like to have my fluff fit in with that of the game as much as I possibly can.  I know I'm anal, but I have fun with it. 

The best thing I could do to remedy the situation was to create my own town.  It was an exciting and daunting task to say the least.  The thing that I can say to anyone who wants to do something similiar is to just start small and it quickly snowballs.  You'll be surprised how much stuff you can get assembled in a relatively short amount of time.  And don't worry if you change your mind on multiple occasions.

The Start

I didn't want to create a town that would be more prominent than any other town in the province.  Coming from Wissenland, it wouldn't take much to outshine Wissenburg or Pfeildorf, unfortunately.  Sigmar's Heirs helped out a lot with this aspect (though it came later than a good deal of my opening fluff).  Not everything lives and dies by that book, but it did a good job of keeping me in check, I think.

Other things I considered were where would be a good spot for a moderate sized town that shouldn't be messed with too much if fluff were to be changed and then the name.  I knew I wanted a fortress town so the 'burg' aspect was something I wanted to incorporate.  I also liked the idea of the creating the town from the destruction wrought by the invasion of WAAAGH Gorbad.  This is another one of my moments, where I didn't want to just stick a fortress somewhere where it shouldn't go just to have one.   But reviving the destroyed fort in a nearby spot was a logical next step for an Elector, I thought.  Thus the birth of Brennenburg (translated 'burned fort').

The area in red is the area in which I decided was an apt spot for my town/fortress.  This spot, however, wasn't the initial area but once I saw the updated map it wasn't much to fill in the gap.  The junction of two rivers was too good a spot to leave vacant.  My original location for the town was roughly where Ellwangen is.

Any questions, comments or criticisms of my nonsense are welcome.

Karl Voss of Averland:


Please continue!

I've been hoping to see more of this stuff from you! Other than routing those so-called "Sollanders" I've not seen much fluffy stuff from you since that "Crisis in Marienburg" fiasco (We showed them, 'ey?) and hope you have more.

Interesting. With the whole area in a bit of a mess, access to some of the more advanced technology might be difficult. I hear the bit about no-one fom the northern cities caring for the place, but that said.. you could have a Nuln contingent present in the town to handle the artillery, after shipping it downriver. Naturally, they'd be horribly aloof and repeatedly remind the "peasent scum" residents that without their guns, the place would be overrun with ease. It could even be used as a testing ground for new inventions, with much loss of life... might be good to create a bit of tension.

Alternatively, dwarves can handle the artillery.

It's right on the border with Averland, so you could have a few different provinces and city-states vying for influence there. Simple border expansion/ protection.

What kind of religious backdrop are you thinking of for the area?


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