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Tacticas for W-E: Vampire Counts - Beating the Bat 4


This thread is for the fourth part of the Beating the Bat tactica.  The current Beating the Bat article isso good, the only real additions needed are specific army types being used by VC players and effective counters that Empire could use.


This is not a contribution by myself, but I'd like to post it anyway. I think it can help tremendously if you know how the enemy army "ticks", so to speak. One of the best VC tacticas I've found is this, by Onikaigo over at VC-net:

(allegedly based on TVI, even)

It is easy to read and yields countless insights. I heartily recommend it for everybody who either plays VC himself, or has to face them on the battlefield.

i know its probaly very outdated but i would love a link to the first 3 volumes! i need every advantage i can get against my local VC player!

Check out the War room.


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