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Tactica: The Griffon Formation

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Joerg Müller:

yeah, you have to be ready to grind.

basically an empire army with only infantry and artillery is a dwarf list (albeit a cruddy attempt at one) because its just a gunline.

so another note. lately I have had an issue with griffin and it only really comes up when facing dwarfs or woodies:

detachments are useless when attacking!

I do much better with just 2 units of 50 state troops than I do with a griffin formation against my brother's dwarfs. If you have to attack, shooting can really destroy those small detachments and panic them when a horde could whether the punishment, plus there is no combo-charge boost, so on offense detachments lose nearly all their flare.

Noble Korhedron:

--- Quote from: malladin_ben on June 13, 2012, 09:14:38 PM ---I've been using these types of tactics since the new book. One thing that works well is the use of a big swordsmen bus with BSB and WP (and even a wizard in the second rank if you like) as the parent unit so that it can stay steadfast and not have to worry about the CoC, with a big halbardier detachment (15+, 21 is ideal for 7x3). The archers skirmish ahead of the line so that they can keep detachment safe so that they either charge the parent and get the counter charge or charge the archers so you can get to charge back, possibly even getting a rear & flank combo charge. The habardiers do some decent damage, the swordsmen soak it up and provide ranks. It gives you a big bonus on static CR as the charge bonuses cancel out so you're up by a flank and however many ranks you've got left (as you will undoubtedly be cancelling their rank bonus), and quite possibly an extra banner too. Could be +5 up just on the static CR, so you can afford to lose a few more wounds then your enemy and still win the combat. There's not many units will remain steadfast against a bus of 40. It can also take on superior troops as it will likely keep its steadfast and give you a bit extra punch you need to win the attritional war that follows.


--- End quote ---
Hopefully Ben sees this, but I'll take points from any of you about it; I'm still reading through this thread for only about the second time, so I apologise if this was already answered, but Ben's way of putting his Wizard in the second rank sounds dodgy to me in terms of keeping the Wizard alive.... After all, if he's dead he can't buff anything, can he?!

Further to my earlier version of this post, I was looking at your suggestions for the double-horde tactic sub-type of the Griffon formation, as per this image:
Would you say that Empire spearmen simply aren't worth it in a horde formation, either in this or in the single horde sub-type Griffon formation from earlier....?

Also, regardless of unit type, do you think the double-horde Griffon formation can work with either 40/20 for 30/15 Parent/Detachment units, and whether it's worth using 10 archers per detachment in either of these cases, or do you find you get away with 5? If you find you get away with 5, what opponents do you generally do this against, and under what Comp. restrictions, if any? 

I'VE FINALLY DONE IT, BY SIGMAR!! My first Griffon Formation list!! Please find at the below link, if any of you feel like commenting:


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