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Tactica: The Griffon Formation

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Empire and Griffon always go hand in hand. Or hand in claw.  :eusa_clap:

Great Stuff!

Very interesting... thank you for your time and thoughts on improving our tatics. :eusa_clap:
first question, what happened to the archer unit in slide three?
also with such a tight formation and small detachment (5 archies), aren't you a good MM from causing panic to 3 or more units?
or prime target for bouncing spell like Plague or lightning bolt, that casket of souls bound thingy. :-o
it looks very cool and i'll certainly look at giving it a try next game.

Looks awesome, but that is a lot of points spent on archers with a purely distractive role.

Johan Willhelm:
I once inverted my Griffon, it didn't end well . . .

My comp upbringing not withstanding I like the look of this. After returning to Warhammer after a long sojourn my tactics can best be described as "The problem with Custer is he was a cautious little sod . . ."

Looks interesting but I've never used that many archers before. It seems like a good idea so I'll try it and maybe modify it to see what works for me. Unfortunately I'm about to move so I'm not sure when I'll get the testing in...


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