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Making halberdiers with shouldered weapons -Tutorial!

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I don't like the pose of the soldiers of the empire halberdiers. It looks a bit naff for a whole unit. As such I decided to convert the back rankers of my halberdier unit to be a bit more avant garde.

Here's one of my veteran zombie hunters I just knocked out for this thread:

And here's a quick guide on how I did it.

1. You'll need:
an armless human torso including legs attached to a base
a slightly bowed right arm that fits fairly flush to the body
a state troopers halberd pole (comes with both left and right arm attached)

First you'll need to prepare the halberd pole. Remove the left arm from the hand. Next remove the left hand from the weapon using a combination of clipping, shaving with a knife and filing to give a clean halberd pole. I got a bit lazy here and didn't bother to file mine perfectly.

Once you've done this find a right arm that is nicely bowed and remove it's hand (I got my arm from the milita kit). Glue this arm to the soldier's body with the wrist slightly forward of the shoulder.

Take the body and the pole arm and try to eye up where/what angle to remove the right arm that is still attached to the weapon. You'll want to try to do this so you can glue the remaining right hand/weapon directly to the bowed right arm already attached to your solider.

At this stage you have two bits (the body with an arm and a right hand with a pole) just like the first picture.

2. You'll need a halberd head

This part is a bit simpler; remove the tab from the base of a halberd head and glue that tab in place on to the weapon shaft. (picture 2)

Add glue to the right shoulder of the soldier and to his wrist. Attach the right hand/pole as shown in picture 3. If you have a gap at the wrist it can easily be filled with green stuff or poly cement later (depending on how sloppy you are happy to be ;))

Once you've attached the right hand+polearm to the right arm+body it's simply a case of adding the halberd weapon head at a suitable angle (picture 4).

5. You'll need a soldier head, a left arm and any extra details you want to add

The conversion is complete! Finish the model with a head, left arm and anything else you want/need to add and it's ready for the painting table!

I hope this is helpful to someone. If anything is unclear do ask; I'm going to make a couple more of these so can add extra pictures for subcombines I may have skipped. Oh and apologies if this post is a little longwinded!

Nice..thanks  :::cheers:::

One option would be to use the arms from the Perry Mercenaries set.

great information!

Good suggestion!

In fact, the reason I made this tutorial was due to the popularity of shouldered pole arm alternative figures. I guessed people might appreciate a guide to doing a 'gw official' version.

Thanks for your speedy comments guys, I was a little worried no one would be interested as I've not seen anyone else do something like this before (though I do remember seeing a very cool conversion here of state troopers where they were holding spears and shields in a saxon style).


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