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Tactica: Empire All Cavalry [work in progress]

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--- Quote from: Milos89 on October 31, 2013, 10:13:27 PM ---Couple a days ago, I played first game with all cavalry Empire.

I was more than surprised how good it performed. 2 units of 5 knights (3 wide formations) manage to kill 40 ghouls, in several rounds of combat, and i have failed a lots of fear tests.
Comet killed 11 of knights (my comet, and my knights) with S8 hits... Now when I think little about army, maybe shadow lore would be better choice, from heavens i used only comet, one or two re-rolls of 1s in all turns that i have had my unit buffed. -1 to hit is nice, but still think shadow would be better...

I didn't have a single unit with shooting except tank. Regarding pistoliers/outriders... well now I see how big of a deal 1+ is :D so probably I wont take any soon.

--- End quote ---

Remember also that it takes a LOT of practice to get proficienty with an all-cav army. Getting hit by your own comet is a great example - movement can be very tricky with all-cav, and you want to be getting in lots of practice just getting from point A to point B.

I'd suggest that you stick with Heavens for 3 games, at least, before switching to shadow. I agree that it's a great lore, but it does require your lvl4 to be closer to enemies, which increases the chances of getting him killed.

I had problem regarding characters, I was playing VC before, and now my characters are just bad compared to VC... But being able to flee from charge is nice for a change :)

I'm going on tournament on Saturday to test this army some more :)

Use the Speculum-equipped captasus to help with tough enemy lords.

I use:

Captain on Pegasus, Full Plate, VHS, Luckstone, Enchanted Shield (I think).


After 5 games with cavalry list on tournament (don't ask me how I was ranked  :icon_redface: ), I have several conclusions.

Cavalry is extremely strong. People poop their pants when they see that much 1+ all across the table  :icon_twisted:
In one of the games 5 knights survived 40 s4 arrows, and then several rounds of combat with wood elf archers.

Being able to move fast is great option, I was able to start from left flank, and move to other side of the board quickly, especially with 2 captasus, and WL on pegasus. On the other hand, I wasnt able to win much combats. Skaven was mission impossible for my list. 4 big units, bell, abomination... And I have just one cannon on tank...

Lack of shooting can be problem sometimes, outriders could be nice addition, but now i get why sammay23 emphasizes the importance of 1+ save.

Next important thing is BSB... We can't do anything without it. In one game most of my army was fleeing on turn one, because I wasn't able to re-roll that 5-6 on Ld test. I'm was playing VC before this (and this was my first 5 games with cavalry empire), so I'm not that used to being able to flee and all that Ld based stuff :D

This was my list

--- Quote ---Arch Lector - Talisman of Preservation, Dragonhelm, General, Barding, Heavy Amour, Shield: 187
Wizard Lord - lvl4 (Heavens) Pegasus, Talisman of Protection, Dispel Scroll: 285
Warrior Priest - Enchanted Shield, Heavy Armour, Barding: 88
Captain of the Empire - Helm of the Skavenslayer, Dawn Stone, Potion of Foolhardiness, Lance, Full Plate Armor, Shield, Pegasus: 165
Charmed Shield, Talisman of Endurance, Great weapon, Full Plate Armor, Pegasus: 152
12 Knights of the Inner Circle - FCG, The Steel Standard, Lance: 365
12 Reiksguard Knights - FCG, Standard of Discipline: 369
2x5 Knightly Orders - Musician, Lance: 120
2x5 Reiksguard Knights - Musician: 145
Steam Tank: 250
--- End quote ---

Unfortunately I don't own any demigrif models, that is why I didn't put them in list. And keep in mind this is fun based list, it was far from idea to win a tournament with this :D
Everything that I thought it will perform good - didn't. WPs in cavalry are great, but I would prefer Grand master over AL, maybe just one little WP without any items (like this one I was using), to give knights hatred and maybe some buffs.
One other thing... I had 2x12 units of knights. Now when I think of it, it would be better to have one 15-20 man strong, and instead of other one, to take BSB/grand master/more small units. I had 2 big-ish units, that couldn't do anything on their own. And that slowed me down big time. If opponent block one of my units, other probably doesn't stand a chance on its own (not counting stank for supporting it). Maybe I'm just not used to win combats with units, but with characters (yea... Vampires are kinda cool... I guess... whatever...)

Big mistake for me was that i didn't have courage to multi-charge everything. Like for example, flank charge with stank in black orcs and I didn't charge them in front with 12 IC knights... Small 5-man units of knights almost never charged anything in flank when big unit was fighting. But I know that is because with VC i don't usually do that. Even front charge with 2x5 knights is great, especially vs some archers or something squishy... Now I'm pissed that WE has beaten me...

Lore of heavens - not for me anymore.
I am little disappointed in this lore. That re-roll of 1s is nice, but it is something that i could live without. Only one comet fell in 5 games (I had spell in every game) and one chain lightning. Debuffing opponent would be much better in my opinion (-3 ld to win that all important charge). Only spell that I was happy with is re-roll of 6s for opponent.  He was vampire with some KB, and that works great vs him... I feel that this lore is more for gunline armies... Next time I will go back to using lore of fire, or maybe shadow to try that one out.

All in all, it is a great army, fun to paly, and that look on opponents face when he can't flee from your charge range on turn one is priceless :)

Thanks to sammay23, for encouraging me to try this kind of army  :::cheers:::

Good for you for playing so many games with the list. A few notes:

1) I don't think the cav list can work without Demigryphs. They're strong where other units are weak. They can grind very effectively, and against opponents like Skaven, they are priceless.

2) Because you had no DGs, you ended up with much bigger units of knights than I like. I prefer many units over large units, which allows you to swarm your opponents.

3) If you're havinga  problem with leadership, and losing combats by 1-2, I'd suggest including Luthor Huss in your list. His stubborn prayer helps a lot, and he is a good answer to killy lords with his onetime buff.

4) I'd be interested to hear how other lores play out for you. Also, why the wizard on a pegaus instead of a horse? Did you find the mobility helpful?


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