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Tactica: Empire All Cavalry [work in progress]

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Demigryphs are gonna have to wait some time... New Xbox is coming soon :)

We had ETC restrictions for tournament, so only 3 units of knightly orders, and 3 of Reiksguard, no special characters, crown of comand or tank... and so on... That is why i went with 2 big units, instead of something like, 8 smaller.

I didn't have problem with loosing combat, but with panic. But yea, I'm getting lutor in few days.

Wizard lord on pegasus is great. In game vs orcs, I was able to deploy in far corner of the table, out of range of his doom divers and rock lobers, then after captasus killed machines, I was able to quickly get back into game, and in range of all my units, and do absolutely nothing with lore of heavens. Other good thing is that he can pose threat to enemy single wizards (killed some skaven character that tried to nuke me with bomb or something like that). I would like to try him out with VHS, and sword of antiheroes or some weird stuff like that,VHS + sword of bloodshed + Savage Beasts of Horros...
When I try some of that, will let you know :)

Von Manson:
Hello living tacticia.

I was interested to hear people's opinions on how this has changed since dark elves and their fast cav spam. You are certainly not going to win the positioning war there.

Also I wanted to put forward how I protect my wizard in my all cav list, and it is through the speculum. Wizard goes in your biggest combat block speculum, and I run fencers blades for added goodness. He challenges every turn and this is what keeps him alive, he is either in a challenge or bumping important models out of combat. I run life so I can shoot for regen or the ward save to keep the unit alive and I don't often lose him. Dwellers can be a big help in the cav list as well as it drops units that could have caused problems.

Can't comment on the Delves myself as I'm yet to play them but I'm also planning on an all cav list (it's in parade now) so interested in this conversation and ongoing cav tactics.

So I'm toying with a cav list, I've got a few versions in my thread in the army list section. But I'm tempted with the idea of a cavalry hammer. I'm still thinking my main army would be MSU and nilla knights but a big block of 21 IC with 5 characters in it seems to pack a helluva punch on paper.

I was running through some mathhammer around 4am last night with the idea of the following running into various deathstars.

21 Inner Circle - Full Command, TGM with Ogre Blade, Captain with Lance, WP with Sword of Antiheroes, Mage with potion of strength, 2nd nilla mage.

 banner wise it has Captain BSB has rampagers and the unit has swiftmovement, so mv8 re-roll charge distance. The main idea here is to get off a combo with light magic, there are three spells here together that combined make for a serious fun unit. Pha's Protection for -1 to hit them, Speed of Light for WS and I10 and Timewarp for ASF and +1 attack. Technically it should only take around 6 PD to get this combo off (3d for timewar, 2 for speed, 1 for pha's). combined with a warrior priest's Hammer of Sigmar or Shield of Faith and the unit really is tanky!

So with the full magical combo off the unit would be ASF WS10, St4/6, t3, I10, A2, 1+/5++ AS. re-roll to hit (either hatred for I10 & ASF) re-roll to wound. So just at straight hitting, a non-buffed unit would kill 9 Seaguard on the charge, with the combo here it would be close to around 16 kills. Now obviously I'm a little ahead in thinking I'll get the entire combo off every time (or anytime considering it requires 3 spells, 2 prayers).

But am I being silly in thinking I could make a hammer knight unit or should I just go with the MSU? I'm trying to think of good ways to destroy death stars, here are two examples of the type I'd run into:

60 Sea Guard -various heroes in here, such as anointed so unit has 6+ ward and also his Lv4 so every spell cast increases the units ward by +1 to 3++ in total with a BSB carrying the Razor Standard. So the idea is to steadfast and being horded spear elves he has 5 ranks attacking things into submission while being hopefully 4-5+ ward to tank enemy units.

18 Ironguts, + BSB, Firebelly, Slaughtermaster, Tyrant. This is my own deathstar for my ogre list. Wth the Maw Banner it's basically immune to magic and dishes out 6 str4 attacks, 4ws5str7 5ws6str7 and horded there are 14 ironguts in the 1st to 3rd ranks so 42 str6 attacks. A lot of nasty punch. IIRC correctly I kill 7-8 ogres on the charge so only 10-11 Ironguts (30-33 attacks back instead of 42), but against both stars I lack the ranks to negate steadfast and when it comes to the 2nd and 3rd rounds I lose.

Obviously flank charging gets my some more CR and more kills (I think i figured if Icharged in with my horded unit of 25 (21 IC plus characters) 6 nilla in one flank and 3 DG in the other I'll kill around 22 elves or 9-10 Ogres on the charge which frankly is impressive but still not enough to break steadfast. Any thoughts here or will taking unis like this be a grind everytime and I should just hope to do as much damage on teh charge before I get desaddled.


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