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Marienburg objectives

1) Speak to the elves of Clan Lianllach about the three evil elves the party killed. Try to appease the clan's anger, and investigate the possibility that dark elves have infiltrated them.

From the Council of Wavemasters of Clan Lianllach, to the Graf of Middenheim,

Word has reached us of the suspicious deaths in your city of three of our citizens. These three, named as Cassilda, Camilla and Aralldor, traveled to Middenheim on legitimate commercial business. Yet we hear that all three were killed. This is an outrage. We of Clan Lianllach demand a full explanation of the circumstances of these deaths, along with reparations if you cannot show just cause. In the absence of such an explanation, we intend to loby the Directorate to impose sanctions on the City of Middenheim.

2)Locate Etelka Herzen, former Red Crown cultist, who sent this letter to the traitor Wasmeier: [completed!]

To the M.M.

Since I was unsure how to contact you directly, I am sending this letter to the offices of Windhund Haulage in the city of Middenheim. I believe that the good people there will ensure you receive it.

I was until recently a member in good standing of an organization similar to yours. You will be aware of it, I think - the two share a common goal, and a common religious affiliation. They differ in their approach to achieving that goal, and as such have sometimes been in conflict. Such competition is good, but in any competition there must be losers as well as winners.

I have come to believe that your organization are the winners. I have therefore renounced my old affiliation. Yet I have not renounced my faith, nor our common goal. No, I have only decided to leave a losing team. I have much to offer your organization: not least my knowledge of my old associates and their plans, but also my many contacts across The Empire. I feel sure that we should meet.

Circumstance has brought me to Marienburg, beyond the reach of my former comrades who bear me a certain amount of ill will. Here I intend to establish a new chapter of your organization, which I hope will receive your blessing. I invite you to contact me at my temporary address: the Red Cock Inn, in the Guilderveld district of Marienburg.

Yours in devotion to the concept of change,


3) Investigate sender of this letter (about the Liber Mortis, a forbidden work on necromancy) that was found in the possession of the traitor Wasmeier: [completed!]

Dear sir,

I was most excited to receive the sample transcriptions from the Pfefferkorn work. I am now convinced that I must own it, and thus I agree to all your terms. I invite you to have your agent make contact at your convenience, so that we may finalise the deal.

Sybo Haan, of Sybo's Mystic Emporium.
Guilderveld, Marienburg.

[Note: Admund's prophetic dream, from Morr -]

4) Investigate the political movement called 'The New Millenialists' to discover if they are a plot by Marienburg to destabilize The Empire. Their posters have all been printed at Otto's Printworks, in the Tempelwijk district.

The party intend to travel to Marienburg as merchants, and also as emissaries of the Graf of Middenheim.

They left the city on Marktag the 7th of Vorgeheim.

They are traveling with three carts: one contains supplies and personal effects. The other two contain fine dwarf-made weapons and jewelry, purchased for 5000 crowns.

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The Wasteland:

Alternate version from Crisis in Marienburg:

The city:

Alternate version from Crisis in Marienburg:

Alternate colour map

Suiddock map:

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Marienburg notes

- Festag the 20th of Vorgeheim (evening): party arrives in the city. They stay the night at the Salted Salmon inn in Ostmuur ward.

- Wellentag the 21st of Vorgeheim: The party head to Suiddock to visit the Import-Export Exchange, but find it closed due to a holy day. At the docks, they find Billy Harefoot and the Faithful Hound. Billy has an urgent message for Heinrich: his brother calls him back to Altdorf. Before the boat leaves, Hans Bauer (a witch hunter, but using a false name and claiming to be a tax official) tries to delay them. The Hound departs anyway. Hans returns with Captain Graveland of the Suiddock watch, who takes the party in for questioning.

It transpires that, due to a tip-off, a package has been found aboard the Hound, containing heretical materials (a Red Crown medallion, inscribed with the initials K. M.; also a book, 'The City of Perfect Truth,' known to relate to the worship of the Ruinous Powers. Both stank of perfume). Hans found the package, and captured the thief who placed it on the boat. The thief confessed to being paid by a man named Klaus and his party (a dwarf, a girl, a ginger-haired boy). The thief was killed while in his cell, perhaps by magic.

The party guess that they have been set up by Etelka Herzen, the sorceress and cultist they are pursuing (among their other objectives). The perfume is recognisably hers, as is the fixation on Klaus over her other enemies. Graveland believes them, and asks Hans Bauer to work with them in locating Herzen. He says that the tip-off came from Trancas, an elf famous as an information broker, who operates from the Three of a Kind on Elfgate Bridge.

Trancas tells them that the tip came to him from Adalbert Henschmann, master of the League of Gentlemen Entrepreneurs (a guild of thieves), who can be found at the Gentlemen's Club near Threepenny Bridge in Suiddock. Henschmann specifically asked Trancas to pass the tip to Graveland.

On leaving the Three of a Kind, the party find the streets clouded in fog, and hear muffled cried for help. Following the sounds, they come upon a magical blue fire burning in the street, with the fog held back in a ring around it. Six zombies, risen from the sea, are attacking the townspeople, apparently controlled by a hooded figure on a rowing boat. The party defeat the zombies, saving all the townsfolk (though some are injured). They succeed in capturing the hooded figure, who turns out to be an elf. He was searched, and was carrying a silver ring (in the shape of alternating sharks and dolphins) and a silver amulet inscribed with elvish script. Mortus found both to be magical.

Julian, Hans and Ragni took the elf to the Temple of Morr in Tempelwijk, using the elf's rowing boat. The priests imprisoned him there, intending to keep the capture of an elf secret to prevent Elftown from demanding custody. Julian and Hans provoked the elf into admitting his name (Naeryndam of Clan Lianllach, Lord of the Silver Isles) and into attempting to cast a necromantic spell. This was witnessed by Sister Liesbeth Noordam of the temple.

Mortus, Admund and Max remained in Guilderweld, and spoke to the watch. They were thanked for their efforts by a man named Groenewoud, among others. A physician called Doktor Breedveld tried to have Max arrested for giving medical treatment without guild membership, but the watch refused. The Temple of Morr sent priests and initiates to collect the remains of the zombies. One priest, Father Gustaaf, spoke to Admund, Mortus and Max. He examined the elf's magical items: the ring is enchanted to protect the wearer while at sea. The amulet has dark powers that he could not elucidate.

The party rejoined at the Temple of Morr in Tempelwijk.

Karl Voss of Averland:
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