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rufus sparkfire:
I've finally finished painting my first Frostgrave models.

Ice toad, chronomancer, apprentice, snow leopard.

The leopard chases some giant rat skeletons (the skeletons are from Mantic).

I didn't think I'd be able to paint the leopard properly, and sure enough I couldn't. Never mind.

I'm not sure if I want to add snow to the bases or not. It would probably look nice, but then I'd feel like I'd need to do if for any model I was using for Frostgrave... which would result in them looking weird next to the snowless models when I used them for other games.

Now I want to see Midaski's painted Frostgrave models!  :icon_razz:

Great I love the wizards!

the leopard looks good although the photo makes it look grey?

and model wise, the pic of it chasing rats make it look in funny proportions. sort of fat and dumpy, not sleek!

Karl Voss of Averland:
They're not fat! Just big boned!  :closed-eyes:


--- Quote from: rufus sparkfire on August 05, 2015, 03:42:28 PM ---Now I want to see Midaski's painted Frostgrave models!  :icon_razz:

--- End quote ---

So do I  :engel:

However I have some pics of the game Matt and I had a couple of weekends ago - this gives me somewhere to post them, and I used my extensive collection to proxy all the models

Rufus is back to painting! :icon_eek: :::cheers:::


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