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Hello guys and gals,

I've been looking around on the internet for ideas but i'm still a bit stumped.

I have a small project of custom state troops and the only thing stopping me completing it are the vast amount of pistolier heads that I need.
I've tried shopping for them online, but unsurprisingly, they aren't readily available to purchase. I have bought the rest of the bits I need however.

I basically want to buy a pack of pistoliers and mould the specific heads that I want (I need 50 heads overall) but i'm really unsure of how to proceed.

I know this topic is a bit controversial because of copy right and creating moulds etc, but unfortunately this is the only way i'll be able to complete my project without having to fork out well over 150 just for some plastic heads.

Any help is appreciated.

Fidelis von Sigmaringen:
Something for the Brush & Palette, where you can find these threads:

Several smaller threads referred to:

I created moulds for bases some time ago. There are also pics in my blog (page 20, just scroll down).

And DaTroll posted a short how-to in his blog, I think ...,49432.msg918154.html#msg918154

Syn Ace:
There are numerous tutorials on Youtube--that's how I learned how to make silicon molds so I could cast Space Wolf shoulder pads for 60 models.  Pistolier heads shouldn't be that difficult.

Instant Mold could be helpful, and cheap.

Although you need to be extra precise with everything to create good three-dimensionality without excessive mold lines. But I've been able to duplicate complete figures this way, so I can guarantee it surely is a possibility.

Before all the trouble, though, have you tried to buy the heads via the trade place on this or another forum?



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