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Wow, the Classical Greek campaign pushed on past the next stretch goal, a command set, and is approaching the next goal, Greek mercenaries.  Maybe it'll reach the cavalry goal, although only a week to go!

Here is a new urban terrain kickstarter ...

Not only might these be used for historicals, but I'm imagining things like Mordheim and Frostgrave, too.

The 2 x 2 option seems a bit small, the 3 x 3 option seems better, and the 4 x 4 option could be very good.

These are being produced in three different look ... "Rustic", "Medieval", and "Modern".  I like the "Rustic" look best.

2nd Renaissance Knights kickstarter by Steel Fists ...

The six original knights as well as the six new ones (4 with couched lances, 2 hand weapons), plus packs of 6 renaissance pikemen are all available.

I'm pledging for at least the six original knights (3 sets of 2 figures), and maybe the attacking knights with hand weapons (1 set of 2 figures) or a package of the pikemen if the funding goal of the campaign is reached.

These are expensive, but they look grand! :icon_biggrin: :icon_cool:

The Classical Greeks have less than a day to go, but they've lost a couple of backers.  Doesn't look like the mercenaries will be reached, yet I could be surprised.  Definitely won't make it to the cavalry goal.

Here's the link again just in case someone wants to climb on board before it finishes ...

Couple of small pledges added to the Classical Greeks but not enough to put it over the 1,000 pound mark, oh well.  I kept my pledge at the 50 pound level, and looking forward to seeing the figures.

- - -

Here's an interesting kickstarter for ships with figures, 10mm though ...


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