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Artobans Ghost:
Thanks to the venerable GP, I am off on another tangent. I did say that I was going to do this with different manufactures but try as I might, the deal gods of the gaming world are making it hard to find Viking or saxons ( the saxons I think I like better). Some good deals then the shipping sucks so Iíll move into this in a slightly different way. My old starter set still had 12 gunners (of which I will use 6) and 12 spearmen hiding out. A perfect 18  pts. The last bunch of swordsmen I bought were the newer kit. 10 never completed and the rest in my empire patchwork quilt. I just couldnít decide on a standard provincial colour. So 12 swords for 12 pts. Gives me 30 pts and a reduced hero for 6 points - yet another warrior priest. On the antagonist side - all creatures borrowed and otherwise unfinished Deamons. My ral partha trolls will make up a reduced 12 pts, 6 unfinished Deamons will be a reduced 12 pts, 2 rat ogres at 3 pts each and the blue scribes which canít seem to find a home in T9A lineup. They will be my 6 pt leader. 36 pts in all. Thus begins the temporary  dragon movement till I round up the guys I really want.

The older empire figures are great!  That's where I started with Empire.

Are you into converting?  I took the first 16 spear guys, and swapped 12 of their heads for each figure to look different. If I recall, the handgunners are a bit more difficult to do that with, so be careful if ya go down that route with them.

As for doing a province, what do you have painted already, and what province are you interested in painting currently? I mostly tend to painting Averlanders, Marienburgers (different colors schemes), Wissenlanders (and maybe someday some Solanders), Stirlanders, Tileans (green, purple, and yellow, but maybe red & white too), and Matoreans (orange and blue).

Artobans Ghost:
Quote GP: and Matoreans (orange and blue).

This sounds appealing!  Suits my colour palate but I know nothing of the Maroreans. I will look for heads in my bits stuff. Hopefully there are some heads rolling about.

I use the blue and orange swordsmen interchangeably for Matoreans (not assigned a color scheme by GW that I'm aware of currently), mercenaries, and a Marienburg merchant family.  Currently they are only primed, painted orange in places, and flesh for the skin, and so more work to do on them.

Artobans Ghost:
Definite on the blue orange. No heads milling about. Lots of ork heads but I donít think that will work. Approaching this warband a little differently this time. Decided bases first and Iím out of primer so that helped the direction.
Thinking a paler blue possibly with the ratskin orange. I have both of those colours. Keep forgetting I only need 6 handgunners for this band but looks like Iíll notch it up 6 pts.


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