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To start ... here is a previously written ...

Timeline for the Von Wallenstein, Mardonia, Sforza, and Van Koschumberg Families, plus a few others ...

2187 … Albert von Wallenstein graduates from the Averheim Military Academy as a 2nd Lt., and he is assigned the command of a unit of crossbows in the Aver River Regiment that are quartered nearby his family’s estate.  Thaddeus Mardonia purchases handguns from an Averland weapons trader traveling through the Border Princes, and then trains a crew of marines to help protect his four shipping vessels from pirates in the Black Gulf.  Bartolomeo Sforza starts the Sforza Condotta Company in Tobaro, and the unit distinguishes itself in a rear guard action during one of the many battles fought at Tramonto Bridge as the Tobaroan military makes another retreat from Estalia.  Adalbert van Koschumberg, leader in Marienburg of one of the many lesser merchants, so-called by the greater merchant families (that of the Winklers, Koopmans, van Onderzoekers, Stegers, Starkes and van Marnixes [1]), attends the Marienburg Emperor Phillip III’s wedding to the daughter of Averland’s Count Joachim II Sigmarus [2], where it is said that Van Koschumberg provided imported Tobaroan cheese as part of the appetizers at the post-ceremony reception, and wine obtained from the Von Wallenstein Family Vineyards in Averland.

2199 … Bad weather and harvests bring a time of famine to the Empire, and the Aver River Regiment is forced to fight an increasing number of bandits, smugglers, and thieves throughout its region of responsibility.  Albert von Wallenstein, previously promoted to full lieutenant, leads the forces that counter the various security threats in the region.

2200 … Albert von Wallenstein leads a portion of the Aver River Regiment’s troops against a force of Stirland soldiers.  The hungry enemy crossed the Aver River during the prior autumn, and into the Moot, seeking to control the apple orchards of Sauerapfel, but the town was soon purged of the blight as Von Wallenstein’s troops overwhelmed the invaders at the start of the next spring.  Thaddeus Mardonia purchases another vessel bringing his shipping fleet to a total of eight vessels.  Bartolomeo Sforza appoints his son Ludovico as commander of his condotta company’s missile contingents.  Adalbert van Koschumberg reaches the height of his wealthier days.

2201 ... The Crisis in Marienburg breaks out into open warfare, the Aver River Regiment is broken into two battalions.  This leads to a promotion for Albert von Wallenstein to Captain of the newly formed 2nd Battalion.  Von Wallenstein hires Thaddeus Mardonia of Matorea with his ships and merchant marines, along with Bartolomeo Sforza, his son Ludovico Sforza, and their mercenaries.  Von Wallenstein’s now father-in-law, Adalbert van Koschumberg, has his son Jan’s Westerland Archer Company also aide in the unsuccessful defense of Marienburg.  Bartolomeo dies outside the walls of Marienberg, and Ludovico takes over command of his father’s Tilean mercenaries.

2202 ... Capt. Albert von Wallenstein and the 2nd Battalion of the Aver River Regiment stay in Marienburg to help bring order to the city after its occupation by the three Imperial factions.  The Van Koschumberg Mercantile House barely survives the aftermath of the war, when their main warehouse and fleet of five ships are all burned.  Adalbert purchases one of Thaddeus Mardonia’s vessels to serve as a point of shelter for the Van Koschumberg family, and Adalbert attempts to re-establish himself and his family’s economic identity, yet it would not be the same nor greater until after his passing.  Thaddeus Mardonia returns Ludovico Sforza and his troops to Tobaro, where Ludovico grows the size of his family's condotta company, and like so many mercenaries, he comes up on the short side of the Great Tilean Conspiracy, where the various Tilean leaders had "hired", but don't pay up the various mercenary companies that obtain “jobs” across Tilea, after the warfare in Marienburg had concluded.

2203 ... Ludovico and his Sforza Condotta Company join the Cerulean League during the Mercenary War in Tilea, where the various leaders of the region seek the actual employment of the newly formed four great mercenary organizations (besides the Cerulean League, the other three being the Gold Company, the Tyrian Guild, and the Vermillion League [3]) that arise out of the Great Tilean Consipiracy.  Thaddeus Mardonia provides S'forza with naval support.  Towards the end of the warfare, the Tobaroan Doge Giacomo seems to slip deeper into his madness, and Ludovico orders the mortar barrage that opens the attack on his home city, but Tobaro does not fall.

[1] From “The Empire in 2217, from Breytenbach and Van der Tricht, prepared by Vement, Averhiem Press, 2419.,45082.0.html

[2] From "Treachery and Greed Campaign Background: Timeline", listed under the year 2187,

[3] From "Treachery and Greed Campaign Background: Timeline", listed under the year 2203,

- - - - - -

Fast forwarding ...

2494 … Heinrich von Furstenberg born in Averland

2522 … Most recent GW year for WFB, and end of Storm of Chaos

2523 ... A2 in Araby.

2524 ... The Solland Effort of 2524, Capt. Heinrich von Furstenberg leads his first mercenary activity outside of Averland at age 30.

2528 ... A3 in Araby, Francis van Koschumberg (3rd son of William Slavata van Koschumberg, next to Adam, and Joachim), at his father's instruction, leads his "Fleet of Fortune" from Marienburg, including the hiring of Thaddeus Madonia IV with his son Frederico Mardonia, out of Mattorea in the Border Princes, along with Graf Heinrich von Furstenberg, Brother Adlai, and Bodaggrimore of the Golden Lions, as well as Captain Maximillio Sforza.

2530 ... Commander Joachim van Koschumberg's 2nd Expedition to Cathay leaves Marienburg along with Capt. Maurice Van Winkleton, Admiral Gerlof Van de Bylt, and hires Octavio Piccolo's Tilean mercenaries for the trip.

2532 ... Joachim van Koschumberg, with his fleet and forces, arrive in Cathay to participate in the Great War there.

2535 ... Joachim van Koschumberg returns with his fleet and the remains of his army to Tilea, and then Marienburg.

2536 ... In the summer, Maximillio Sforza's advisor Dabir Azim meets with Fatin Indelacio.

2537 … Without a contract, Maximillio Sforza joins the Araby Intervention Force, unsuccessfully seeking a major contract, which causes him to seek out other smaller contracts while leading the AIF vanguard as part of its effort to prevent the Protectorate from dominating in Estalia, and by the end of the war, he finds his army’s way across the region, gets at the Protectorate militarily, and then returns home.

- - - - - -

This may or may not be amended and edited accordingly at some point.

Hopefully more fluff to follow along the way ...

Here is a brief piece of fluff, previously unpublished elsewhere, regarding the Matorean naval commander named Thaddeus Mardonia ...

From “A Biography of Thaddeus Mardonia, Mercantile Border Prince” by Julio D’Agostino, Tilean Historian and Storyteller

“The funding for the new ship had been acquired with both Princess Cecilia’s backing, and Geraldo Gucciano’s investment of coin.  Tomas Mercado’s ship yard produced what is said to have been the best ship he’d produced up to that time.  It likely took multiple seasons, and the merchant vessel is said to have been well armed with cannons, including four culverins that could probably throw a forty pound shot a fourteenth of a league.  Not long after, for there was honor to be maintained and a debt to be repaid, Captain Mardonia set sail with his new ship the White Moon, on to the Black Gulf, and beyond.

We don’t know how many ports were stopped at, because whatever log Captain Mardonia kept has been lost to vagrants of time.  There are a few records from Tilean counting houses and mercantile guilds at Remas, Mirigliano, and Tobaro,  and these show the taxing and purchasing of mostly cloth, silk, and wool, although there were also some kegs of ale, cases of wine, and bushels of grapes.  And we also have Kantatino’s famous long poem entitled “The Legend of A Matorean Captain”, which speaks of how on the return trip, the White Moon encountered calm winds and four war galleys flying the red and yellow flags of the Knights of Myrmidia.

It seems that as the sun was rising, the enemy vessels maneuvered with their oars into position with their sterns toward the White Moon to fire their aft cannons, and to present themselves as narrow targets as possible.  Then as they rowed the four galleys closer to their prey, they fired ranging shots that fell short of the White Moon’s position.  Captain Mardonia ordered two of his culverins to fire at the largest galley, the flag ship of the attackers, and thus angering the enemy flotilla’s commander, and who then ordered one galley at a time to row closer, and blast away at their target while the others would reload from further back.  Half the morning and into the afternoon, both sides continued exchanging shots, killing men, putting holes in the side of wooden hulls, smoke billowing across the water, making it more and more difficult to see each other.

By midafternoon, a slight breeze arose for a few minutes, and Capt. Mardonia had the White Moon come around just enough to present less of a target, while bringing his own stern guns into action.  Then the four enemy ships responded by attempting to close, but as they moved abreast of the White Moon, and into pistol range, Capt. Mardonia held his own ship’s fire, ordered his gunners to load case shot, and waited until the enemy was so close that their ships top decks could be raked accordingly.  The largest galley had its poop deck disintegrate, another ship’s forecastle lost its front braces and fell into the sea, while large numbers of enemy sailors fell to the decks with many having multiple wounds inflicted.

The chaos that ensued, gave Capt. Mardonia’s men enough time to slither their boat a little further along, load their cannons for another round of fire, and unload a second volley, this time again including some shot.  That seems to have been enough, because Matorean records show that the White Moon made port, although the income side of Tomas Mercado’s ledger listed a hundred and two repairs made to the White Moon’s hull, masts, sails, and rigging.”

A very interesting read. It's always cool to read about the events, which took place after the "canon" year of 2522. :smile2:

The events shown for after 2522, and mentioned above, with the exception of "The Solland Effort of 2524" (conducted here on W-E, were all created and wrapped around the Animosity Campaigns of A3 (in Araby for a 3rd time), A4 (in Cathay), and A5 (in Estalia).  I had additional characters in A6 (in the Northern Wastes), and hopefully will provide some additional info on those at some point. And so far, the mention of events prior to 2522 were wrapped around campaigns conducted by W-E folks including "The Crisis in Marienburg", and "Treachery and Greed".

Treachery and Greed was my favourite online campaign, very well run and great fluff! I’m always drawn back to the Solland Effort though, great community fluff writing effort there. Can’t believe how long ago it was now though!


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