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Looks like a fantasy skirmish game.

Saw the components of the starter set and they look like detailed figures.  Seems like a handful of extra warbands can be purchased, although they all seem to look like chaos forces.

Anyone play this yet?  And if yes, how's it going?

So no one has any experience with this yet? I've heard it might be a Mordheim like game, although only Chaos Warbands at the moment.  Scenery in the starter set looks good, and I like one of the Warbands that doesn't come in the starter set, can't recall the name.  I'll look it up.

For what its worth there are other warbands available, but not a complete set for all the factions. There's going to be (eventually) like a dozen different chaos tribes and Stormcasts, daughters of khaine, Deepkin, Nighthaunt, Fleshcourt ghouls, undead, Orcs, Gobo's and savage orcs. Likely more in the future as well.

I'm not sure I'd call it like Mordheim. More like Path to Glory or Necromunda. More gang warfare then exploration fighting, if that makes sense. The scenery looks amazing, and the models are super high quality, but I just have no interest in chaos models. A big part of this is expanding the background on the normal tribes and cults who follow chaos, instead of the rather generic ones, and that's great! I still don't want to play them.

As for the rules, a couple of my buddies have tried it and said its really good. I don't really no the difference between this and shadespire/underworlds, but it does seem really tactical. There's a lot of fights over getting the high ground, a lot of how you position models and which you use to do stuff. So it does look good, and I'll likely give it a try at some point.

Artobans Ghost:
Agree about Chaos. Models fantastic, theme no. The only good chaos is dead chaos. Preferably shot, burnt, pissed on and trampled by hundreds of noble horses.

The models for them really are fantastic, but sadly none of them really hook me. It's super impressive, and I have some fun ideas for various conversations, but frankly they're all ideas that are like "Hey it could be fun to make them like x...but I have a billion other ideas to work on first."


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