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Rumors, and what's Up with Beastgrave, too!

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Yeah, but my post is repeated. Must have drank too much last night :D

I was talking to some friends, and GW tends to release this games and do 1 or 2 updates and let it die. Then release something similar in 40k/AoS and so on. I dont keep up to date with all the news, so this was my impression. recently I just buy the one that have nice minis, since I barely play.

Gorechosen was a quick and easy game, so would have love to have updates. Maybe I can find a community that creates characters sheets, etc.

I'm pretty positive that gorechosen was the test bed for either Underworlds or Warcry. It's very similar to both mechanically, but more focussed on just one guy. But I seem to remember it being billed as a stand alone board game when it first game out, so I don't think they had much intention of expanding on it.

They recently did a 40k Conquest board game using pretty much the same rules as Gorechosen.  It's one of a number of small board games only available in the US, at Barnes & Noble and not in GW stores

Beastgrave is the 3rd season for Warhammer Underworlds, it's an arena skirmish/card game.  There's a lot of deck building and card choosing involved, as well as it's special dice.  It's a good game, but I find the number of cards to choose from a lot.  Unless you play a lot, and know a lot of the cards, it can take hours to go through them all and pick.  I think season 3 has changed the deck rules a little so you're more limited in generic cards, and need to have a minimum from the warband deck.  That I think will suit me with less decision making

How's the size of the figures compared to more recent Beastmen offerings :icon_question:

And I don't mean their sacrifices to their Gods. :icon_wink:


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