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Frostgrave - free download


See the author's blog for a free download code for the core rule book and Dark Alchemy supplement:

Also free solo scenarios from one of the other supplements are in that blog entry too.  :::cheers:::

It makes sense they would make this a free PDF, since Frostgrave II is due out in July of 2020.  Sort of like Warlord did for the Black Powder rules.

Also, it seems that Osprey's site has been a bit on the slow side today, maybe due additional traffic that might be associated with this offer.  I went on the site and placed an order for the PDFs listed, but a quick heads up ... Frostgrave and Dark Alchemy are both free with the code FGV2020, although the shortened version of Frostgrave: Perilous Dark is not free from Osprey, and instead available from the link/download provided on the blogspot post that 023 gave us above.

I'm buying the Perilous Dark pdf from Osprey anyhow because I am curious about the rest of the scenarios provided inside it.

really nice, I did enjoy frostgrave a lot. Its also a great gateway "game" for Mrs.


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