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Animosity Campaigns RETURNS!

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Old Stonebeard:
That's right! Some of you may remember the name, and I'm pleased to say that we've returned in a new incarnation. Although our campaigns may be set in the Age of Sigmar now, I assure you that we still strive to deliver the same quality player experience as ever...

If you're interested, Animosity II - The Burning Winter is kicking off July 22nd and running for 5 weeks. We've set up a Discord server in lieu of the old forums, and are working to draw players from across the broader AoS community. Check it out:

- Unbrok Stonebeard

w00t w00t and new technology!!!

Since this is W:AoS based, not much interest here.  Best of good fortune! :::cheers:::

Hey that's pretty fantastic to hear its still going to continue. Super cool. I'll spread the word and maybe drop into the discord server.

Old Stonebeard:
Cheers Realjuan, Gankom!

Thanks for the well-wishes, GP, but you know I have to call you out on the "not much interest" statement. Considering how much you post in the AOS forum, I'd reckon you're at least Sigmar-curious ;) That, and we've already converted NewGuy, Sir Cai Leonas, Beithir Seun, Big Time, Grumbaki, Raschier, Frogboy, Beoveld...



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