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The Quest for a New Magnifier Lamp ...


Last time I bought a magnifier lamp for use with painting was probably 15 years ago.

Since my previous one had its peg that fits in a desk clamp snap on me this past Sunday, time to go hunting for a new one.

Stopped in where I purchased the old one, at a Staples supply store.  Nope.  And they suggested Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

I don't do Hobby Lobby, and so I went to Michaels.  Michaels only had things that a person can wear on their head, not my preference.  They suggested I search their website, and when I asked to use their computer that sits at the frame ordering location, they suggested I use a phone.

Ok ... so obviously that Michael's isn't interested in customer service ... so ... home again, home again

Went searching on the internet ... nothing really on Michaels website for what I am looking to buy.  And when I googled, multiple links came up for Amazon.  They must be in league with each other.  I found a site that sells such equipment, but still not quite what I'm looking for again.  Then I went to a Sears link from google, which they seem to be close for what I was looking to have.

Anyway, it was late.  No decision making on those items yet.  The days of going into a store, and finding and seeing what one is buying sometimes seem to be dwindling.


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