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I'm pretty interested and planning to pick up the box set. Might even split the box with a buddy to get a second set of the stormcast although I dont think I want two of angel ladies.

Old Stonebeard:
Don't forget, this is just the "Indomitus" style box. If the 9th Ed. 40k release is anything to go by, there will be lower "tiers" of this box with fewer models in each. So, you might want to wait and see how those look, as I expect Yndrasta is only going to be in this (probably limited) version.

Old Stonebeard

My thoughts exactly.

Artobans Ghost:
I love the new storm-crud /cast. I would split but I want the whole damn box 😺

Stonebeard is way too far away for splitting a box, but thanks for the offer.  And sounds like Artoban is going for a full box. :icon_cool: :::cheers:::

I like the new archer dude and the chariot team.  There is some redeeming value to some of the stormcrud figures. :icon_mrgreen: :icon_lol:


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