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So I wish these new box sets would have come out a year ago for the Imperial guard. Do any of you have any ideas of what else could be coming out? Im wanting to start a new IG army sometime after my Orks

It seems with Beast Snaggas and maybe new Orks we'll be getting a new Ork codex soon, and before Imperial Guard.  The IG seem only to be getting the new Gaunt's Ghost set of figures, to be used as one unit, and the new sprue inside the regular boxed set of 10 guard figures.

ok that gives me time lol

Wow $45 for basically one of the most fragile units in the game. Or at least used to be.

I know few of us pay the full price but geez.

It’s not like the models have been overhauled like the Chaos Marines… they just added some heads for diversity.

I'm a big fan of the new sprue, but the box went up 20 bucks here which hurts badly for something I already have literal hundreds of.


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