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Hashnut copper, Dwarven Bronze



question about Dwarven Bronz since the last of it dried up.  Does Hashnut Copper (according to GW it does)  looks like it or not?

I am now using Vallejo Bronze, but it has a golden yellow glow to it while Dwarven Bronze has a more reddish look. I am looking for the reddish bronze look to continue my Dogs of war. :-)

If you can help that would be brilliant. :-)

for the people who need to know.

foto with natural light

foto with flash

foto without flash

test material

blob on black

Ik am going to use the vallejo copper to replace my dwarven bronze.  If I get my hands on hashnut copper someday I will review that vs the other paints. 

sofar... Henerius out :-)

That copper looks like a decent enough replacement to me. :::cheers:::


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