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How Many Figures in Your Guard Army?

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Wondering how many figures do folks typically have for their Imperial Guard army?

Realize that when making an army list, the point total being used could govern this.  Feel free to provide what your typically using in different point lists like 1K, 1.5K, and 2K or whatever.  However, I'm also interested in learning how many total Guard infantry figures you have, including regular troops, command, figures being used for heavy weapons, that kind of thing.

Cheers! :icon_cool:

How many guardsmen do i have :icon_redface:
I've been collecting Imperial guard for as long as i've been collecting Empire :biggriin:

Easy - too many, but never enough...  :unsure: :::cheers:::

Oh you two younguns are certainly entertaining, if not helpful, and at least providing forewarning.  Except age and experience has already provided your humorous take on this topic. :icon_wink:  :icon_mrgreen: :icon_lol:

Always happy to help :wink: :::cheers:::

My army doesn't see the tabletop so I don't actually keep track of the points and numbers as closely as some others might. As with my Empire I have always been HEAVILY infantry-centric so I really do have way too many... but still need more :-P

They are so easy to get carried away with, from memory a single choice on an army list, in reality constitutes a command squad, multiple squads of infantry AND a few heavy support units sooo just one choice on the list can be like 30-50men right there!


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