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Classic Steel Lion Figures ...


... going, going, almost gone ... and officially on the last chance to buy list until November 8th.

Then that's it, the last metal 40K Imperial Guard faction figures are disappearing soon.

So ... if you want some of the classic Steel Legion figures, better pick them up now!

Captain Dob Van Dwi:
I bought a squad of these guys when I first started in the hobby. Still have them too.

I would not mind getting another squad, but what am I going to do with them? And making unique looking veteran squares are basically impossible. Not to mention command squads. With only a single officer model I sometimes wonder what the draw is.

That being said they are on my list. Even If I only have two squads with a chimera each, that would be a nice set to add to my collection. 

I purchased 4 squads.  Had always wanted some, yet hadn't bought any previously.  I like how they look. :icon_cool:


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