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40k online campaigns?


Captain Dob Van Dwi:
Has anyone ever thought of doing this, like an Animosity or WE, Bugman's style thing?

Setting up a random world with order/chaos/destruction factions in the 40k universe would be pretty cool.

Da Kaptain and I were reviewing this idea a good many years back.

Captain Dob Van Dwi:
And what was your concensus?

I personally feel like it could be done. I would be more than happy to write for it too

Although, with Da Kaptain out of touch that will be much harder these days.

There  were a lot of things happening to consider at the time that kept us from doing our next campaign.  Not just a 40K event, any event.

Old Stonebeard:
Thereís certainly interest in the current Animosity community, but as Iíve told them, while I would gladly play in that type of campaign, Team Animosity is not going to develop/organize it. IMO there are definitely challenges present in this type of campaign for 40k that donít exist for WHFB/AOS.


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