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I know whta you mean Friday.  It's a little disapointing to have nothing to go off of, so to have something makes me feel a lot better.  Thanks a lot.

It looks very good though I have one remark.

11 years to build a pallisade???? Though I realise that constructing a formidable pallisade with not too many people is an ardous task I cannot see people starting a project that will only get results in eleven years while they hardly have anything to begin with.
I'd rather expect them to have started preparing in advance (by building up a store of felled trees) and build the pallisade in a relatively short time instead of breaking their backs for 11 years.

Just an observation, the timeline is very believable there are just some little things to touch up IMO. :-D

I did think that maybe an 11 year time period for building a pallisade was a bit much.  The more I thought about it, the more I came to realize that people would want something up fairly quickly for defensive purposes.  I just wanted to show how the people were very poor and it took them a long time to construct what they needed.  But maybe I did go a bit overboard with that one.  I'll probably scale back the length back some. Thanks a lot.


--- Quote from: wissenlander ---I did think that maybe an 11 year time period for building a pallisade was a bit much.
--- End quote ---

Hadrian's Wall only took six years. Fort William Henry was built in less than a year. A simple palisade really should take less than that.

Understood.  But Roman legions built Hadrian's wall, not the humble peasantry who are also trying to irk out some sort of existence. :wink:   But I will amend the length to probably less than a year.  I like what BAWTRM said about them gathering the supplies before setting out to build it.  After all it is just a pallisade.  Thanks for the help.


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