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The Count's Tavern / Re: Unhappy Random thoughts...
« Last post by oak_prince on July 29, 2021, 07:22:57 PM »
I just had a fleshy growth removed from my gums/jawbone by a periodontist. Bodies are really gross sometimes and I miss being a 20something and feeling great no matter what kind of junk food or punishment I subjected my body to. If anyone wants to add me to their prayer/nice thoughts rolodex I'd be grateful. Here's hoping it wasn't a cancerous tumor. 

On the positive side, I have a few days off work to paint minis.
he dude what did you think of the Kevin Smith's He-Man reboot ??? If you have not seen it, its on Netflix ... I liked it
The Back Table / Re: Back table open to public
« Last post by GamesPoet on July 29, 2021, 12:09:18 PM »
The idea is to do the same, once there is a free moment to to fix it, thanks!
The Count's Tavern / Re: Animal Stories
« Last post by Baron Isebrand on July 29, 2021, 11:44:59 AM »
I'm seriously considering adopting this dwarf rabbit I found at the humane society. He is just so cute, and I already have the perfect enclosure for him.
The Back Table / Back table open to public
« Last post by commandant on July 29, 2021, 11:15:22 AM »
I do remember that the pervious back table was a members only thing that you had to be logged on to see. The new one is open to the public. Is that intentional?
The Back Table / Re: READ BEFORE POSTING ... The Back Table Is Open Again ...
« Last post by Warlord on July 29, 2021, 10:35:24 AM »
New coat of paint on the old table, hey.

Control yourself people. Donít make it personal.
The Brush and Palette / Re: Estalian steel and Tilean resolve
« Last post by Zygmund on July 29, 2021, 08:47:28 AM »

The Count's Tavern / Re: The W-E At Least 3 Days Per Week Hobby Club ...
« Last post by GamesPoet on July 29, 2021, 03:09:33 AM »
Oh, and I started painting a 40mm horse for a AWI colonist rider with a musket or rifle. :icon_cool: :icon_mrgreen:
The Count's Tavern / Re: The W-E At Least 3 Days Per Week Hobby Club ...
« Last post by GamesPoet on July 29, 2021, 02:00:01 AM »
And tonight ... roleplaying with 4 nephews and a niece ... the Ranger and wizard were missing, but the hobbit cleric, hobbit thief, human thief, dark elf assassin, and human fighter were present.

For those who might recall from last summer's sessions ... the party chased a thief into the sewers who'd stolen a merchant's log book and the merchant hired the party to find it, but the thief sold it to some rat humanoids (skaven), and a battle ensued between some skaven who'd bought the log book form the thief and his minions under the city.  Afterwards the party got permission to use the 10'x10' tower attached to a government warehouse for surveillance over the docks.

The party has now traveled across the clothier's district, taken turns with being on watch in the tower, and watched a battered ship limp into the harbor that they go to  investigate, and discover it was attacked by a rat ship and managed to escape the fight.  They finished the night deciding to split up for a visit to a market, and the other seeking more knowledge about what cargo was being carried while looking for any lodged cannonballs in the ship's hull.

More next week!

Updating ...

Start of This Week's Tally:
1 Day ...
2 Days ... Heinrich
3 Days ... GP

Folks can join anytime.
The Count's Tavern / Re: Upcoming and Current Movies ...
« Last post by GamesPoet on July 28, 2021, 09:40:07 PM »
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