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2400 9th age casual tournament
« on: April 07, 2016, 07:44:38 PM »
Hey all. I'm participating in a small local tournament this saturday.
I'll be using 9th for the 3rd time, expecting to meet a WoC, Vampires, DE.

I played against WoC with the below list tuesday, and scored a solid victory. It's tweaked a bit since tuesday:

Arch Wizard, lvl 4, Dispell Scroll,Talisman of Greater Shielding, Light :                                    260
Prelate, Great Weapon, Armour of Frederick, Dusk Stone :                                                     156      
Captain of the Empire, Full plate, bsb, shield, Talismann of Supreme Shielding, War Banner : 162      
Preacher, shield, Warhorse, The Black Helm :                                                                            97      
Artificer:                                                                                                                        55      

Heavy Infantry 50, Sergeant, Musician, SB, Halberds :                                                    310      
*Light Infantry 10 (Crossbows)                                                                       80      
Light Infatry 12 (Handguns), marksman(10) Repeater Gun                                       114      
State Militia 10 (Archers), Bows                                                                                60      
10 Electoral Cavalry,   Preceptor, Musician,                                                                      210      

Great Cannon                                                                                                    100      
Great Cannon                                                                                                    100      
6 Knightly Orders, Preceptor, Musician, SB                                                              201      
Hellblaster Volley Gun                                                                                     125      
Imperial Guard                                                                                                     65      

Foreseeing Arcane Engine                                                                                   130      
3 Knights of the Sun Griffon, Musician, Lance/shield                                             175      

Total                  2400      

Using the block of Halberdiers to make a solid center, supported by the archers or crossbowmen as detachment. Putting the prelate and BSB in there to make them hold, and the arcane engine close by.

Handgunners as wizard bunker and prclose to the warmachines.
Warmachines protected by imperial guard.
Artificer to make the volleygun hit.

Small knight unit to flank and hunt warmachines. Supported by mounted warriorpriest.
Big Knight unit and demigryphs to win.

All comments greatly appreciated.

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Re: 2400 9th age casual tournament
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2016, 01:30:09 PM »
10 knights is not much. I would consider dropping the mounted priest: the ability to reroll the average of 5 misses and scoring maybe 3 more wounds is not as valuable as let's say taking 5 pistoliers or 4 more knights to the unit. Or at least I don't trust my knights with priest to do much damage and I usually use them to protect my flank.

The list seems to be quite solid with a big meatgrinder unit and good amount of firepower. 10 imperial guard is a bit wierd choise but why not.

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Re: 2400 9th age casual tournament
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2016, 11:08:10 PM »
As it turned out, the army seemed pretty strong.

I need to do something about the knights, and the imperial guard is out of the list.

I probably end up getting two unit of cheap knights for redirecting and killing chaf, a bigger unit of knights for killing stuff, and will try to squese in an extra grif knight.