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Meet the Staff!
« on: January 11, 2005, 09:08:15 PM »

For those of you who wonder who's who in the shady command structure of Warhammer-Empire.com, here's a quick rundown of our current staff:

Head Honchos

Our resident Emperor and general boss of all after the .com; Grutch commands the site from sunny California or frosty Seattle, working hard as a graphics artist to pay for his eccentric lifestyle and to cough up the site's rent.

Our brother from a shorter mother. Bugman is the big guy (pun intended) at Bugman's Brewery and does a ton of work for us as well. Quite friendly for a Dwarf, and always good for a beer or two.

Administrators (Admins)

Every good webstaff needs a Canadian, eh? Well, Calvin was our first choice eh. He's a crafty builder of webpages, and resident technical guru. As Rufas the Eccentric once said "Remember this every one, when in trouble just scream, CALVIN!"

Warhammer-Empire.com's resident Kislevite, family man, and all-around nice guy. Struggles to divide his attention properly over wife, kids, toy soldiers, and this website. Looks forward to retirement so the nuisance of work is at last out of the way. You may not call him 'grandad' or 'grampa!'

A Belgian demi-god with the ability to produce large quantities of food from nothing. Soth has magical powers and is fifty feet tall.

Moderators (Mods)

Uncouth barbarian from the eastern provinces of the Empire, Imperialforge wields a fearsome thighbone club and is wont to scratch his chest and make deep grunting noises. He makes up for it by creating the most beautiful shield- and banner decals you've ever seen over at The Imperial Forge. He rules the site's Gallery with an artist's heart and a warrior's fists.

He's the only moderator to hail from the southern hemisphere; where dangerous creatures and rivalries with Sweden are a daily nuisance for this Australian. He has been working in IT for almost a decade, has a sizable collection or empire figures despite the exchange rate down under, and somehow has plenty of time for Warhammer-Empire.

Perambulator is a lawyer, but somehow manages to be a nice guy anyway. He is infamous on the site for his good judgement and his constant, inhuman state of calm.

rufus sparkfire
The 77th master of the Library. Noted for his excellent fashion sense.

The Old Ones

The Warhammer-Empire Forums have been around since 2003 and we've had a lot of members pass through these hallowed boards. Over the years we have had many volunteer their time to help out as site "staff" in various capacities, unfortunately some of these members no longer visit for a variety of reasons, and others can only pop in for short periods of time. Nevertheless, their contributions to the site are never forgotten.

Veteran Empire gamer and author of many of our best articles, including much of the 'Beating the X' series and our site's trademark 'Pegasus Tactica'. Plays a mean guitar!

When he was but a wee ratling, Queek once ate his way through an entire shop's cabinet of Warhammer publications. He can cough up the right bit from any Rulebook, Annual, Chronicle, FAQ, or Army Book at will. Leaves little round droppings all over the forums and is morbidly fascinated by shiny objects.

An expert painter (as you can see on his website), Bigrin42 was recruited to breathe life back into the Workshop section of the site together with ImperialForge. Don't let his mad brush skills fool you, the Templars of Sigmar have Bigrin42 under close scrutiny for alleged affiliation with the half-beasts that roam the Drakwald Forest.

General Helstrom
Born and raised Dutchman. Can't sing. Can't dance. Is hard-pressed to find the working end of a triangle, but somehow managed to write the original 'Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Empire'. He now spends his time instructing tourists in bikinis how to scuba; can you blame him for not being around much anymore!

Bestial, generous, hilarious, and sometimes disgusting, PhillyT is all things to all people. And animals.

PygmyHippo - or Pygmy for short (pun intended) - is a very accomplished web design and layout guru. Pygmy has worked on upgrading the prettiness of the whole site, and also did the design/layout work for the Ostermark Campaign.

Rufas the Eccentric
As a forum member Rufas provided wit, humour and sage advice often to any and all. As an Imperial Counsellor Rufas worked with Perambulator to help rewrite the site's terms of use, an unglamourous but very important job! Sadly, Rufas passed away in May of 2008; his generosity, cheeky comments and thoughtfulness are dearly missed. Notorious for his 'in character' rivalry with Midaski, fascination with Madame Rosalita's and fondness for the Rod of Power, we should all follow his lead and Put It On Midaski's Tab!

von Frundsberg
One of Warhammer-Empire's earlier members, von Frundsberg was a moderator and active member of the site for just over a year. Knows as an intelligent and scholarly man von Frundsberg worked tirelessly to promote historical and mythological accuracy and realism in Warhammer. His article Historical Comparisons of Spear & Halberd for the Game of Warhammer is probably his most lasting contribution to the site.

Nice to meet you!

--Warhammer-Empire.com Staff
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