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[8e] 2 x 1000 point lists for scenario battles
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I'm fighting two battles with a friend this weekend, the first vs wood elves and the second vs orcs. Both will be scenarios in which an Ostland-themed Empire army (see end of post for fluff) defends against an unexpected enemy. Would appreciate any thoughts that folks have!

Disclaimer #1: Although using 8th edition rules, all models are from previous editions (so no DGK, etc.).
Disclaimer #2: The army lists are also trying to be somewhat realistic for the setting.
Disclaimer #3: Both battles will occur on a 48"X48" table.

Scenario 1:
Empire is felling trees to build a new outpost in Ostland. They accidentally take timber from a dryad grove, and the Wood elves ambush the Empire's construction efforts to take revenge on the men that killed the trees. The Empire garrison at the partially-built outpost rallies in defense.
Wood Elves deployment: normal
Empire deployment: normal, plus Empire receives 10 workers (free companies) at no cost, randomly placed in the construction area (must form up before joining battle).


Warrior Priest (Dragonhelm, Enchanted Shield, Heavy armour) [General, with spears]

Captain--BSB (Talisman of Preservation, fp armour, shield) [with spears]


43 X Spearmen (full command)
20 X Swordsmen (detachment)
20 X Halberdiers (detachment)

11 X Archers
5 X Archers (detachment)


957 points so far

Scenario 2:
An Empire garrison in a remote town in Ostland is woken by returning scouts announcing that a small warband of orcs, likely an offshoot of a larger waaagh!, is raiding local villages. The Empire army scrambles to assemble their forces to head off the orcs, as the orcs unknowingly stumble across the Empire garrison during their raiding.
Orc deployment: Dawn battle
Empire deployment: One unit deploys per turn from own table edge, plus 10 huntsman at no cost


Warrior Priest (heavy armour, shield, great weapon, warhorse barding) [general, with Reiksguard]

Captain--BSB (fp armour, shield, lance, warhorse barding) [with Reiksguard]


37 X Spearmen (full command)

10 X IC Knights (full command)


10 X Reiksguard Knights (full command)

1001 points

The fluff: The main army (5k+ points) is the Wolfenburg Forest Patrol. Most of the time, the army is split into small companies that (you guessed it) patrol the forests around Wolfenburg. The patrols sometimes converge when there are rumors of enemy movements or other projects in the works.
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