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Rank & File Tjublings (15mm) Out Now!

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Karak Norn Clansman:
The tall host of Zhurem-Zhalkazinulbar marched out with heavy steps, hate and greed writ upon their bearded faces and devotional mysticism evident in their dark voices as they sang their hymns and dirges and recited their mantras and mouthed their fervent prayers.

The omens had been good, and due sacrifice in blood had been offered up to the altar fires. The fickle gods were now all on their side, and this true knowledge made every man beam with haughty pride and cruel confidence. Their demeanour was that of conquerors, and they wore their hammers and axes, their shields and blunderbusses, as a race of born rulers. All did so, except for the shamed warriors of the death's mask. Pariahs and shunned outcasts, they were nought but slaves, and they made for a grim appearance on the battlefield as the great army deployed in deep formations.

On the other side stood the enemy, all filthy, lowly and inferior, a tribe of savages to be trampled underfoot. The warriors of the tall host knew this, for they relished in the slaughter to come.

And they raised their battlecry, with a roar alike thunder on high:

“Hat or die!”

These 15mm models are out now! Order your Tjublings here: Also on Etsy and on Blogspot. Priced upon release at €2,5 per each kit of 4 Tjublings (or 3 command models), they are also available in a Maniple bundle of 20 rank and file plus 3 command models for €13. Sculpted by Tobias Torstensson (tjub) and spincast in metal by Hysterical Games. Sold unpainted and unassembled.

Remember that miniatures in smaller scales than 28mm are perfect material for adorning your luxurious monumental architecture.

Beautiful. I want them in 28mm.

Isn't Warmaster 10mm?

[wipes away tears] Reminds me of what used to be in the back of White dwarf's


--- Quote from: patsy02 on November 04, 2017, 02:44:18 AM ---Beautiful. I want them in 28mm.

Isn't Warmaster 10mm?

--- End quote ---

thats correct. because it is more widespread, there is a group on facebook for small scale kings of war.

That's quite the niche within a niche.

Are these for KoW too?


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