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How goes The 9th Age?


Its been a while since I have heard any news about The 9th Age.
I know they have their own forum, which I sometimes peruse, but I thought for the benefit of our members here too, I would ask anyone across both forums how it goes. More armies have more fluff yet? Any new stable editions announced? Any interesting news?

Being part of the top management, I can provide replies.

Rules: the 2nd edition is very stable, it has been released in December 2018, and won't change in the foreseeable future (you can count safely on 5 years).
The yearly adjustments affect the Arcane Compendium, which complements the rules with the spells and magic objects, and the 16 Army Books. For the most, it consists in small points adjustments.

Although lots of snippets have been released in the magazine The 9th Scroll (that's kind of like White Dwarf in the '90s), the Background Compendium is still waited for. More effort is made for the armies as they are redone.

Army Books are being overhauled and get a full fluff treatment in the process.
Currently, Sylvan Elves, Undying Dynasties (both will be redone at some stage), Daemon Legions and Warriors of the ark Gods have their detailed fluff - DL benefiting from a fluff supplement.
Infernal Dwarves are in beta stage and got their fluff supplement too (this will be done for all factions fro now on).
Dread Elves are in the works and get lots of spoilers discussed with the community, to test the reaction.
Vermin Swarms just started.
The next in line is Kingdom of Equitaine.
No indication that Empire of Sonnstahl would be dealt with any soon, the current version seems to work fine.
Besides, there are numbers of supplements: Asklanders (Norse WDG), Makhar (steppe WDG cavalry), Cultists (DL worshippers). The standard seems to be that each army gets two supplements after being redone.
Additionally, there is a Giant Supplement, allowing each faction to get their giant, plus advanced magic, scenario supplement etc.

Other News:
Two supplement games already Pirate's Peril (simplified game), and Games of Zagjan (hilarious Orc-lympics Games).
The simplified introductory game Quick Starter is being currently redone as Essence of War.

Very interesting to hear your thoughts, thanks! There's a couple of guys at the local club who are big fans but obviously haven't been able to get a game in for awhile.

Thanks for the update Calisson!

Been a bit since I have checked in, so was keen on a overview before I started poking around over there again.

I had hoped the fluff had progressed more than just the two evil factions, but I am keen to have a poke around the Infernal Dwarves and Sylvan Elf stuff.

The three supplement factions for Warriors make the most sense.

Ok, hope to pop in and read more soon!

A interesting write up there, thank you! :icon_cool: :::cheers:::


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