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Oathmark - anyone else looking into it?


Mathi Alfblut:
I have started to get my elves in shape to take to the field in Oathmark.

The setting is much more Dark ages than WHFB:S renaissance but I really like the later roman period and the migration period so it fits hand in glove for me.

Also, why not make that army of Sigmar Heldenhammers Reiksmen you always wanted to?

If I recall, this is a fantasy setting with it's own figures, and vaguely remember seeing some figures on a table in a video with a rules system.

The beauty is that you create your own Realm and can have multi-race armies.

So you could have Elven Spearmen and Archers, and the a human unit of Swordsmen and a Light Cavalry unit of Goblin Wolf Riders.

Mathi Alfblut:
You really need to broaden your views, GP.

Yes, there are Oathmark minis BUT it is clearly stated that you may use any minis of any brand! They just provide options.

Like Midaski say, you can create your own kingdom and even have several races.

I am going for an all-elven kingdom and one based on humans with some orcs.

Oathmark humans make great Kislev Pulk soldiers in my view


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