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Monthly Painting & Scenery Goals 2021

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Anyone make any yet? I'd like to finish up my Khorne adversaries for Warhammer Quest this month.

During December the local GW store decided that they would hold their annual Legion of Legend painting competition online.

In January we have to show a unit and a leader. So for this month Ill have to put the finishing touches to 11 of my recently completed 27 figures.

In February we have to show 2 open entries -  so that will be finishing 2 of the November vehicles and adding crew figures (although I may try to finish the final tractor).

In early March all have to be shown on a 1x1 display board which Ill be doing during Jan & Feb.

Sign me up!  I'm going to finally complete my 6 Tilean mercenary mounted crossbowmen for my January goal.

Ta da ... and too bad Midaski won't be around to see it. :icon_wink: :icon_lol:

I need to get back into painting.  Haven't touched a brush since August...  So my January goal is a mini. One. Probably a 3d print (part of the reason I havemt been painting) I found.  Its a EnD/Mordeim villager

My painting goal is finishing my Khoragash monster, getting a bit more work done on New!Gotrek, and maybe finishing two sentinels.


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