Author Topic: AoS Naming Conventions: Sensible or Gilding the Lily, a spirited discussion  (Read 2594 times)

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Quote Spiney: For what it’s worth I think there is a lot to like about AoS, I’d never have been able to field an army composed entirely of savage orcs or night goblins riding squigs in wfb and have any level of tactical success, but those kind of armies work in AoS.

This is exactly why I enjoy this system. I have armies that field exactly what units I like and want.
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Yes, even W:AoS.

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I also feel the discussion regarding naming conventions is a little one-sided at present, I see your thwackwheezer puffshroom and raise you Tehenhauin (pron. Teenie-weenie), prophet of Sotek, Lord kroak the dearly departed slann and the skink DoW character ‘Tichi huichi’ (titchy-witchy).

There are more priceless examples of fine pedigree warhammer character names from the blood bowl too - “Glart Smashrip” is probably one of my favourites, and the one-time saurus star player “Lotl-Botl”.

Oh I totally agree, maybe to avoid slipping into that dangerous territory of AoS bashing (or being perceived as such) this thread should be moved out of the AoS section and we all continue to have a good laugh at GW's silly naming tendenacies together over in the Count's Tavern?

I for one didn't mind the mildly tongue-in-cheek references to the world explorers but the Lizardmen always gave me a good chuckle. I think it also very appropriate to mention SLOPPITY BILEPIPER in this thread... pretty sure he came along before the fall of the Old World in the End Times?


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Oh man that bilepiper. What a good demon model with the weirdest name ever!

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GW writers have often gotten a bit khorney, pun intended. :icon_wink:

And here's an example of not just naming ... these are the "notes" for the new wood elf type being shown for the Cursed City ...

* It can’t be easy to chop down a tree to make vampire-killing stakes when that tree is your best friend.

** Qulathis was initially sent to bed without any supper, but is now forbidden from ever returning to the Everspring Swathe – that’s what you get for not respecting your elders.

*** You could say that she’ll have her enemies all aquiver.
Ouch. :icon_lol:
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The community site has been having a blast with footnotes for a long time now. They love slotting in some jokes in there. Its good stuff!