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Battle report.
« on: August 31, 2005, 12:30:48 PM »
A campaign Battle Report.

My opponent is a little out of practice and used to play a Khorne Chaos list. This game was a little one sided as a result but it had such remarkable dice rolling that it was fun none the less.

My army.
Elector count, FPA, Shield, Holy Relic
Mounted Warrior Priest. Great Weapon, Heavy, Shield, Barding.
Foot Warrior Priest. Heavy, Shield

(EC here)
24 Swordsmen + FC
12 Free company
9 Archers.

(Foot WP here)
24 Spearmen + FC + Griffon Standard
12 Free companies
9 Archers.

12 Great swords

(Mounted WP here)
5 Knights Panther, FC + War banner.

5 Knights White wolf.
6 Pistoleers
8 Huntsmen


His Army
Grandmaster of the White wolf. Holy Relic, Sword of Sigismund
Captain Mounted, FPA,Shield,Barding, Sword of Power
Warrior Priest, Heavy, Shield, Sword of Might
Battle wizard, Level 2, Armour of Tarnis, mounted, Barding.

(Warrior Priest here.)
19 Swordsmen + FC

20 Spearmen + FC
15 Great swords + FC

10 Hand gunners
10 Hand gunners.

(GM here briefly)
8 Knights of the white wolf + FC

(Captain here)
8 Knights of the white wolf + FC

2 Cannons.

My deployment zone has a fortress + stonewalls on the left, a hill in the centre and an annoying ruin just out of the deployment zone on my right.
His deployment zone has a wood on my left, another wood 6 inches along and a hill on my left.
The middle is fairly open, (A rarity at this club  :x  )
We used the foraging scenario, placed supplies in the middle and then scattered them to make the placement more random, All but one went towards his deployment zone.

His deployment was affected by the desire to get the supplies; I ignored them in favour of a stronger battle line.
On my right I would threaten his KoTWW+Captain if they tried to join the middle and hoped they would come directly to remove them as a threat first so we could play cat and mouse.

On my left were his two hand gunners, 1 cannon and KoTWW+GM which I would try to hold with my griffon std spearmen + Detachments.
I also had my captapus there to fly over his knights and run amok against the hand gunners.
My huntsmen were forced to deploy in my deployment area.

Turn 1
He seriously under guesses both cannons at my cannon. However Double 10's fix that mistake right up and I'm cannon less.
His GM leaves the KoTWW unit in order to prevent my captapus having fun and the knight unit moves up.
On my left his knights come to play cat and mouse. He picks up several supply markers.

I make a perfect guess with my mortar on his swordsmen but a 10 inch scatter ... no wait ... the centre hole is directly on your wizard behind the woods head. SPLAT
I use my spearmen (Griffon standard) on my right to deny his KotWW free passage to the centre.
I send my Captapus to the middle areas as I advance all my infantry + Knights panther.
My pistoleers move to within 8 inches of his spearmen killing 4 and baiting a charge.

Turn 2
His spearmen move up ignoring the charge bait.
On my left his KoTWW(4x4) decide to take on the spearmen head to head ! I even suggested to him it was a bad move but he went ahead anyway. These are not chosen chaos knights and he would soon see that.
Free company run him down later in the turn.
Again, big under guesses but that doesn’t stop a gaping hole appearing in my Pegasus, 1 wound left. (Double 10 again)

I charge the pistoleers in the front of his spearmen and the captapus in their flank.
I know I'll lose combat but on LD 7 they may fail their restraint and break the line.
All potential panics are out of panic range. Except that the pistoleers + Captapus do 9 wounds. Ok so a hole the other way works too but he rolls snake eyes to stay.

Perfect guess from the mortar scores a hit on his Great swords Killed 5. Pretty decent.

Turn 3.
The cat and mouse on my left is still keeping his KoTWW+Captain locked up but this turn I should lose and run off the board. However that doesn’t happen. I manage to pass my break test on a 6. A bit lucky but I've got his knights truly tied up in the scenery anyway.
Compensating for his under guessing he over guesses just a tad. One cannon misfires.
Pistoleers and captapus win combat. Wow. They pass another snake eyes. Wow.

I charge his depleted Great swords with Swordsmen and Knights panther.
My Great swords block the flank his swordsmen are now threatening.
My spearmen rapidly making ground at the hand gunner encampments.
Captapus gets in behind the hand gunners, Threatening 3 potential charges.
Another perfect guess from my mortar combined with a hit catches 10 hand gunners but 0 wounds. Sigh.
Pistoleers and captapus win combat again and this time they run, Pistoleers pursue and I restrain captapus.
Severe damage to his Great swords but Stubbornness prevails. 2 Left though.

Turn 4
Cat and mouse on the left goes off the table, he doesn’t try to restrain, if he gets off the table he will also not be hampered to much by the scenery. This happens.
Swordsmen charge my Great swords but their stubborn holds.
Cannon converts my captapus into a Captain on foot.

My swordsmen’s free company flank charge his swordsmen fighting my great swords. They panic and get away. Great swords pick up the supplies.
Yet another perfect guess from my mortar hits the other hand gunner unit (My spearmen are too close to the first now) but a 10-inch deviate only makes a hole in the ground.

Turn 5
Cannon enfilades my knight’s panther, killing just one. Under guessed a little bit and even the big bounce didn’t help.

Spearmen charge a hand gunner unit. FLEE leaving their supplies. Collected by the spearmen next turn.
Captapus charges other hand gunner flank, along with the Knights Panther. They flee but not far enough to evade the captain.
Pistoleers charge cannon on my left winning combat easily but fail to catch the single running crewman. Two inches away though so its pretty much over for him.
A perfect guess  :wink:  from my mortar on the running hand gunners kills 8 turning it into a rout.

Turn 6
Cannon finally lays my mortar to rest. A parting shot from a destroyed army.