Author Topic: is the steam tank, war wagon, war altar or any other empire chariot usable?  (Read 2856 times)

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I have recently made the switch to Kings of War and have glossed over the Empire’s rules for it. I noticed it had just about everything covered to some extent except Steam Tanks and War Wagons.
My first question is, anyone know any rules to represent these things?

There is a unit called Chariotteers in KoW. Would it make sense in the fluff for the Empire to field multiple war wagons in a unit together?

As for the Steam Tank, Would I be able to take an allied dwarven steel behemoth? Would that even be anything like a steam tank?

I don’t have a clue how I would do a war altar without making rules.

I want to use my KoW Empire Army more in my local game store so I’m trying to avoid fan made rules but I also want representation from Steam Tanks and War Wagons.

Any Help at all would be appreciated.

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Re: is the steam tank, war wagon, war altar or any other empire chariot usable?
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Most human army lists have some kind of a monster. You can use that unit to depict the Steam Tank or the War Wagon. I think you can buy a magic item to enhance the feeling, like add a ranged attack or firebreath, but then perhaps buying magic items for monsters wasn't allowed. Don't have the books at hand atm.

The League of Rhordia list has both the Steel Behemoth and a moral support wagon (like the 8th ed Empire magic buff wagons). If you play with allies, you could take enough Rhordia to allow the Steel Behemoth in another human army list.

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You have in fact several human armies in KoW, and most of them will be able to represent some aspects of the Empire.

I will first mention the Brotherhood and put it aside as the equivalent to our Bretonnian neighbours.

The other human armies are :

- Kingdoms of Men : general humans with few exotic options but lots of mundane ones, perfect for example for an Altdorf army, with maybe some wizard support from the colleges of magic and one general on imperial griffon if you still want something slightly exotic. They are the vanilla version of the Empire

- Basilea : perfect if you want a Sigmarite army with warrior priests, flagellants, and so on. They can also allow you to use the Stormcast Eternals if you want (the winged ones as Elohis, the ones on foot as Ogre Palace Guard)

- League of Rhordia : they are the more exotic options of the old Empire armies, you still have normal human soldiers, including some elite dogs of war, but you also have options for several themes : you have options for the demigriffons (and a griffon like hero) if you want to make some monstruous beast knight order, you have exotic war machines to represent fairly well a Nuln army (including a steam tank), and of course you have halflings !

There is some overlap between the three armies, but depending on your preferences you can use them to build many varied armies, and you can also combine them by using allies if you want a different mix.

Also remember that most magic items can be equipped on normal units, not just heroes, and this can be used to transform an unit into something else. For example the war bow or the flying hammer are cheap artefacts giving a lone ranged attack that can represent things like a witch hunter with a pistol or rifle in a middle of the unit (or alone if you give them to a normal hero)

The diadem of dragon kin give a breath attack and can represent many things, from a fire wizard , to an engineer (I have a kitbashed engineer model with a hand grenade launcher that I sometimes put in an infantry unit to represent the diadem breath attack of the holy grenades magic item)

Also let's note that with KoW 3rd edition just about to be released we might get new options.

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The War Altar represents the Rhordia batte altar pretty well in the new Uncharted book.

A lot of people have used Steam Tanks to represent the KoM “Beast of War” in the past, but the new book has re-styled it as a “Mammoth” and removed the ranged option.  A Steam Tank without guns would do this okay but the change in the list has made that a little problematic for my gun-heavy Tanks.

War Wagons as chariots would be fine, I think, but there are a few considerations.  First off, the War Wagon model is a little too big for the chariot base size, so you might want to field them at less than a 1:1 ratio.  Second, the chariots are not a fabulous equivalent (they are a little faster and lighter and less shooty than you’d expect a War Wagon to be).  However, if you want to field a war wagon model, I think that’s your best option.  Look forward to spending $100-200 per model on eBay  :ph34r:
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The war wagon model might be used on an unit tray with various knight to fill up the rest of the space as an escort.