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All across Ostermark, the soil runs red with the blood of foreign soldiers. In the south, Talabeclanders and Stirlanders have slaughtered each other in almost equal numbers. Graf Martin and Marshall Gernot find their lines of communication cut and are forced to fall back. To the east, Kislevites and Middenlanders feast over the ruins of The Uneasy Watchman and Graf Martin's magnificent wagonburg lies in shambles. Will they be able to hold their position against what can only be an imminent Stirland counter-attack? Will the front along the river Talabec remain as quiet as it has been?

Find out in Round Two of the War of Ostermark Succession!

- There will be no special modifiers in Round 2.

- Individual participants may only report one battle per day. If you play several battles on the same day, you may post them all at once, but at the end of the round you may not have reported more battles than the number of days which have passed. Bechafen Skirmishes do not count for this purpose.

- The round will be tallied on Tuesday, 9th of August.

Please take careful note of the following:

- You cannot report battles "across" contested locations. You may still report "to" contested locations, if they are adjacent to a location which is controlled by your faction.

- Please copy the questions on the Battle Report Forum exactly as they appear; it makes it easier on the eyeballs of the poor schmuck who has to do all the dirty work :)

- There are separate questions for regular battles and for skirmishes; you can find them stickied to the top of the Battle Report Forum.

- Flawed battle reports will no longer be returned to the Campaign Forum. We will try to deduct your battle result from your report if there is information missing. If we can't make heads or tails of it, we will have to discard the report.

Thanks for your attention, and happy hunting!
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