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« on: August 10, 2005, 04:19:28 AM »
In Ostermark, as the bloody battles continue casualties continue to grow, and land changes hands. The Talabeclanders and Stirlanders continue their fighting in the south, each regaining control of their once contested grounds. In the east of the province, the Kislevites and Middenlanders complete their conquest of The Uneasy Watchman as Graf Martin's remaining men are forced to flee towards the fortress of Hohleburg. Despite Martin’s failure at the Watchman his men defend their advantage in Bechafen from the attacking Middenlanders, and with control of the rioting mobs within grasp, Stirland’s northern front may yet be salvaged. The Talabec River still remains quiet except for the reinforcements gathering at Brustenbuck. Perhaps an attack is planned…

The story continues in Round Three of the War of Ostermark Succession!

- There are no special modifiers planned yet for Round 3.

- Individual participants may only report one battle per day. If you play several battles on the same day, you may post them all at once, but at the end of the round you may not have reported more battles than the number of days which have passed. Bechafen Skirmishes do not count for this purpose.

- The round’s tally date is yet to be confirmed.  

Please take careful note of the following:

- Please copy the questions on the Battle Report Forum exactly as they appear; it makes it easier on the eyeballs of the poor schmuck who has to do all the dirty work  

- There are separate questions for regular battles and for skirmishes; you can find them stickied to the top of the Battle Report Forum.

- Flawed battle reports will no longer be returned to the Campaign Forum. We will try to deduct your battle result from your report if there is information missing. If we can't make heads or tails of it, we will have to discard the report.

Thanks for your time and Happy Gaming!
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ADDENDA: Round 3 Special Conditions and Tally Date

- The Grand Theogonost Kurt III opens his coffers to support the faltering Stirlanders as they dig in around the Höhleburg. Stirland battles reported at Höhleburg during this round gain a 50% bonus modifier.

- The tally for Round 3 will be done on MONDAY 15TH OF AUGUST
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