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Round 4 Conditions and Modifiers
« on: August 16, 2005, 09:49:40 PM »
As the War of Ostermark Succession continues, new developments force generals to adopt new objectives. In the north, the occurrance of what can only be described as a miracle brings forth a wave of religous fury among the Talabecland and Middenland Ulricans. In the south, the arrival of the Steam Tank "Conqueror" heralds a new chance at success for the beleaguered Stirlanders.

Make sure you check out the Journal Issue #1 for the relevant background!

The Speaking Mural of Kaltenbach
Whipped into a religious frenzy by the miracle of the Kaltenbach fresco, Talabeclander armies march to capture the mission, while the Middenlanders fight with bitter determination to preserve their hold on the holy site.

All battles reported by Talabecland or the Middenland-Kislev Alliance at Kaltenbach gain a 25% bonus modifier this round.

The Ride of the Conqueror
Pressured by the Grand Theogonist and his impressive coffers, the Prince of Altdorf commits the Steam Tank Conqueror to the Ostermark to aid the faltering Stirlanders. Wasting no time, Graf Martin orders the behemoth to spearhead the renewed counter-attack upon the Uneasy Watchman.

All battles reported by Stirland at The Uneasy Watchman will gain a 25% bonus modifier this round. A special scenario for the attack of the "Conqueror" will be made available shortly.

Note that the bonus modifier at the Höhleburg no longer applies!
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