Author Topic: Final Assualt of The Fire Eating Ulricans  (Read 317 times)

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Final Assualt of The Fire Eating Ulricans
« on: August 19, 2005, 06:02:20 PM »
General Konradson, knowing that his army, though victorious, would soon be overwhelmed by the massed army facing him. His troop were entrenched in Kaltenbach itself, but was facing a determined counter-attack by his opponent. Outnumbered by hundreds, his army was facing the enemy across a large moat(river crossing scenario), determined to throw back the enemy.  
As the enemy made their assault, they were wracked by artillery fire from the Talabec cannons and mortars. Despite the casualties, the enemy continued to bow and handgunner range, pausing to fire their hackbuts and crossbows. The casualties were light amongst the Talabeclanders, and the Middenland line started to falter.  
As the enemy continued to struggle up the slope, to reach the moat, a trumpet sounded. The thunder of hooves was evident, and the ground began to rumble. The Middenland general smiled as he saw the Knights of the Talabec launching their charge far too soon. His smile faded as he realised they were not waiting for his troops to disembark from their boats.
Victor, Captain of the 3rd Kaltenbach Halbeirders, a recently recruited unit, stood at the front of his vessel, waiting to assault the enemy position. The gate dropped down and he and his men started to rush forward.  
"For Makari! Forw-"
His words were cut off as a lance skewered him and his Sergeant. The charge of the Knights of the Talabec slammed into the troops in the boat, sweeping them to the rear, and slaughtering those who did not jump into the water. Those that did died from the balls of the hackbut armed Talabeclanders who had come forward to pepper the oncoming boats.
The Knights left the boat, streaming back to behind their fortifications, leaving behind the bloody, corpse filled boat. The hackbutters continued to shoot into the other oncoming boats, but were taking fire from the troops inside the boats, and soon had to fall back. The enemy streamed onto the shore, forming their regiments under the fire from the arquibusiers in the Talabec fortification. The long rifles were soon piercing gaps in the Middenland line, but they showed the mettle by advancing through the welter of gore.
The Middenland troops hit the Talabeclanders, and hand to hand fighting broke out all along the line. Still outnumbered, the Talabeclanders fought desperately until the Knights of the Talabec one more charged, this time into the flank of the Middenland line. The Middenland troops tried to face the threat, but the Ottilian Greatswords chose that that moment to leap forward; they smashed a hole in the line, and the young Marchwardens pushed through the gap and started turning both of the new flanks made by the Greatswords. Defeated, the enemy ran back to their boats, harried by the Marchwardens, and soon were ridden down to a man.
Makari's face was pale, and he shook his head at the slaughter across from him, over the stagnant moat and up to the Talabec lines. He turned his horse and rode back to his camp, now all but empty and prepared to evacuate. He went into his tent, drank something from a red flask, and threw up.

Which faction did you fight for?Talabecland

Which race did you fight against?Empire

At which location did you fight?Kaltenbach

What was the outcome of the battle?Massacre

Did you use one of the location's Scenarios?yes

Did you use the Campaign Army List appropriate for your faction? yes
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Final Assualt of The Fire Eating Ulricans
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Talabecland gains at Kaltenbach

800 points


1800 points
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