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Round 5 Summary!
« on: August 25, 2005, 03:43:52 PM »
Round 5 has come and gone. Again, it's been hard-fought in the extreme. I also hope all you "wait for it... wait for it..." guys learned your lesson :) I had the afternoon to do the tally, instead of the evening, so there!

In spite of the rumours of the speaking mural, and the express desire uttered by the Church of Talabecland that the mission be taken at all costs, Marshall Gernot did not invest any mentionable effort in the siege. Gratefully, the Middenlanders withdrew their reserves to fight at the Uneasy Watchman.

Talabecland gained 1800 points
Middenland-Kislev gained 1100 points

Round 5 Control Rates:

Talabecland: 14,200 points
Middenland-Kislev: 20,900 points


Fort Grigory
Some patrolling was carried out at Fort Grigory by the very bored garisson.

Middenland gained 500 points, making its control total 8,600.

The Uneasy Watchman
The fighting around the Uneasy Watchman turned from fierce to bitter to downright animalistic. The sons of Ulric and Ursus fought without rest or mercy. No quarter was asked and none given. In spite of their ferocious efforts, however, they could not hold the Stirlanders at bay - Graf Martin had deployed over two-thirds of his army to retake the coaching inn, and retake it he did.

Stirland gained 19,400 points
Middenland-Kislev gained 18,900 points

Round 5 Control Rates:

Stirland: 70,250 points
Middenland-Kislev: 65,300 points

The Uneasy Watchman is now CONTROLLED by STIRLAND.

Udo's Fall
Marshall Gernot personally led the renewed attack upon Udo's Fall. Regiments which had depleted to mere handfulls of men were merged and sent into the wretched crater once more. Soldiers trudged across ground littered with too many corpses to bury. The Stirlanders had learned from their previous folly and fought a more mobile defense, extending the fight into the bleak plains well beyond the crater. Yet, many of their men had been withdrawn to fight at the Uneasy Watchman, and slowly but surely, the Stirlanders lost ground.

Stirland gained 8750 points
Talabecland gained 10550 points

Round 5 Control Rates:

Stirland: 39,350 points
Talabecland: 40,250 points


Rhya's Sisters
Having expected a Stirland attack, General Mauerlitz once more shored up the defences at the forest's edge - yet no attack came.

Talabecland gained 3450 points

Round 5 Control Rates:

Stirland: 24,900 points
Talabecland: 32,100 points

The town of Bechafen - although never much to look at in the first place, it is now truly a nightmare. Few if any citizens remain among the ghostly ruins of what were once shops and houses. Gangs of cut-throats prowl the streets, some very rich in plunder indeed, but never for long, as there are always sharp knives waiting in the shadows. Against this backdrop, disoriented bands of soldiers from all three of the warring parties fight a bitter urban guerilla.
Left to their own devices, with few supplies or communications, and constantly haunted, the atrocities these gangs inflict upon each other are nigh unspeakable. Here, a half-dozen Talabeclanders dangle from a rotten old tree by their entrails. There, a small shrine to Sigmar, decorated with the heads of a Stirlander patrol. A Kislevite boyar, eyes gouged out, skin flayed off, impaled scarecrow-like on a crossroads as a territory marker. In spite of weeks of cruel fighting, not a shred of progress has been made in bringing the town under control.

Stirland gained 2250 points
Talabecland gained 3550 points
Middenland-Kislev gained 1000 points
The RIOTS increased by 2500 points

Round 5 Control Rates:

RIOTS: 13,575
Stirland: 13,350
Talabecland: 11,250
Middenland-Kislev: 8,050

Bechafen remains CONTESTED

Stand by for the Round 6 Conditions and Modifiers!
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