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Round 6 Results!
« on: August 31, 2005, 07:09:37 PM »

Talabecland gained 800 points: CR is 15,000

Middenland/Kislev gained 3,550 points: CR is 24850

Ft. Grigory:

Stirland gained 3,900 points: CR is 10,400

Middenland/Kislev gained 5,050 points: CR is 13,650

The Uneasy Watchman:

Stirland gained 1,500 points: CR is 71,750

Middenland/Kislev gained 12,100 points: CR is 77,400

The Uneasy Watchman is now CONTESTED by the Middenland-Kislev Alliance!

Udo's Fall:

Stirland gained 11,400 points: CR is 50,750

Talabecland gained 25,700 points: CR is 65,450

Udo's Fall is now CONTROLLED by Talabecland!


Stirland gained 9,400 points: CR is 22,750

Talabecland gained 10,650 points: CR is 22,100

Middenland gained 14,800 points: CR is 22,850

The website will be updated later today (dinner first, update later :P).

Stand by for Round 7 Conditions & Modifiers after that!
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