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Round 7 Results
« on: September 05, 2005, 08:45:43 PM »

Talabecland gained 16,000 points: CR is 31,000

Middenland/Kislev gained 12,100 points: CR is 36,950

The Uneasy Watchman:

Stirland gained 6,050 points: CR is 77,800

Middenland/Kislev gained 9,250 points: CR is 86,650

The Uneasy Watchman is now CONTROLED by the Middenland-Kislev Alliance!

Udo's Fall:

Stirland gained 0 points: CR is 50,750

Talabecland gained 2,100 points: CR is 67,550


Stirland gained 0 points: CR is 22,750

Talabecland gained 9,100 points: CR is 31,200

Middenland gained 2,200 points: CR is 25,050

The Riot Score went up by 1,100 points: CR is 23,725

The Website will be updated shortly.

Check for round eight conditions and a new Journal entry one or two days.
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